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Crowded with cats.

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This is a article from my local newspaper...

Thursday, April 24, 2003SECTION Capital RegionHEADLINE 22 feline waifs left on SPCA's doorstep

"Poor old guys," said Kamala Ray. Ray, an animal health technician at Victoria's SPCA, looked into a room filled with 18 abandoned older cats Wednesday and shook her head... The bewildered animals were curled up on chairs, sleeping in boxes, pacing the window ledge and snoozing on top of a large kennel in their temporary home in an office at the Napier Lane shelter. SPCA employees arriving at work last Friday found 16 cats in a kennel outside the front door. The next morning, there were another six. Staff are trying to find caring homes for the cats. Two of the cats, covered in cancerous tumours, have already been put down. Two more are in the sick room. The woman who owned the cats also left a note saying she had tried to rescue them, but couldn't do it anymore. * "She probably took in strays," said Penny Stone, office manager. "It was probably someone with a big heart." It's not unusual for people to leave a litter of kittens in a box by the front door or a dog tied up outside, said Stone. But it is unusual to have 22 older cats dropped off. They range in age from five to 18. Some need medical attention. Three were so severely matted that they had to be shaved... "The lady was trying to do the best she could for these cats. But it is against the law to abandon your animals, and the problem with her bringing them here is that they were left in a crate outside. "If someone had opened the crate, we would have had 22 cats roaming the streets. That's what scares us," said Stone. It would have been much better if the owner had made arrangements to drop off the cats and filled out a form with their medical history and some information on their personalities, said Stone. The shelter's cages are full with 100 other cats. Another 20 are in foster homes. "It's very difficult for us to house this many cats," said Stone. Still, staff has taken to them. They're friendly, not the least bit aggressive. Some appear to be well fed. Others are thin, dehydrated and suffering from malnutrition. All the cats are being assessed as to their medical needs, said Stone. The shelter appealed Wednesday for donations to pay for.. veterinary care. The cats will be ready to go to good homes by the end of the week. Because they all appear to be more than five years old, the fee for adopting them is $45. Anyone interested in adopting an animal can call 388-7722 or drop by the shelter. Information on adoption is available on the SPCA Web site at www.spca.bc.ca
Renee D. Remmer
Times Colonist Newsroom
A Canwest Company
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Tamme, I am moving this to SOS for you.
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