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Should we keep the cat

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10 weeks ago we lost our 2 year old tonk due to a cordio myopothy(sic). Five weeks ago we adopted a mostly rag doll. The tomk was a face licker, head butter, sholder rider. The rag doll is still skittish around us and it's rare for her to come to us. She stays in the same room but runs when we try to pet her.
Question.... is five weeks enough time or should we try to give her back? Thanks
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How old is she, where did she come from, was it noisy in the house over the holidays? All of that might affect how she interacts with you at first, besides her own personality. I'm thinking that if there was a fair amount of extra activity at your house over the holidays, that might affect how she's been able to get used to her new territory and humans.

I have two cats - my girl is very interested in people, never hides, headbuts me for petting, yet hates to be held and has never sat in my lap. My boy takes longer to warm up to people, but is my lap cat and cuddler. Neither of them is a shoulder rider.

By take her back, do you mean to her breeder, or can you rehome her?
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So, your considering rehoming a cat simply because she's not as social as you'd like? 5 weeks isn't a whole lot of time. Heck, I've had Wickett for almost 5 years now and he still hides when we cook diner.
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Sorry to hear about the loss of your cat!

As for your new cat, five weeks is probably not long enough to judge her personality. She may be shy for all the reasons darlili cited. We brought a new adult cat into our home a few months ago, and his personality is still emerging even now. You may have to accept that she will never be lap cat, though.
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I've had Lucy for 5 years and she is and probably always will be skittish. She knows me and still bolts sometimes. That's just her personality.
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Five weeks especially around holidays probably isn't really enough time to get to know her and she you. How old is she? Some cats are just not as sociable as others, it depends on the cat. But if she is a kitten her personality is still developing. If you work with the new one and gain her trust she may become more cuddly and affectionate towards you, but she may not.

When you say "give her back" - where did you get her from? You will need to accept that she may never be as friendly and in your face as your Tonk was, she's not him.
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She may be skittish because she can still smell your other cat and since he was ill, she's picking up on that also. Also, as mentioned, the holidays are stressful on the entire family.
Bless you for having the courage to adopt another kitty - I am glad that you are giving her a chance to come around. I tamed a feral, adult tom and it took about 4 mos. for him to come near enough, and then he would attack my feet A few weeks later, a miracle happened and now he is a friendly and loving as you describe your Tonk - unbelievable complete turnaround
So, hang it there- we're all praying & rootin' for you
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