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runny poop in kitten

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I am just wondering, what exactly is considered diarrhea and from what I've read extremely dangerous to a kitten??? Is it just having runny poop or also pooping a lot with runny poop? Jake (10 week old) had very runny poop last night, and I saw it this morning. It is also yellow. I think it is from me switching back and forth between wet and dry food...As I already mentioned in my other thread in the health section I was giving him purina pro plan kitten canned food, but the vet told me it's better to give him dry only. I did that but it seemed like he wasn't eating enough so yesterday I decided to give him some of the canned again. He ate a lot of it, more than usual and I could feel his stomach get so full and huge when I picked him up later. Then his stomach was growling and had the runny poop. I scruffed his skin to check for dehydration and he was okay there, not dehydrated. I got rid of his wet food but he had already eaten some this morning ...I actually noticed before when he was eating only wet food that his poop was a little runny, but it was not a lot at all. It was yellow though. And for the past few days while he has been on dry food only his poop has been very hard. I hope it gets that way again, crossing my fingers for next time he poops...
Oh and by the way, he has been acting completely normal, playing and active..Should I be worried??
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From past personal experience in what you are going through, I am almost certain that Jake's runny poop was because he overate. I was going through the same issues with Sport when he was that age. Here is what I ended up doing with his food...and he has been fine for several months now. I always have dry food available for him to munch on at his leisure. I give him 2 or 3 SMALL portions of canned food. Kittens need to be fed more small meals per day rather than fewer big ones. 2 things that you should keep an eye on are his may have to reduce the amount of canned food at some point, and his poop. If his poop remains runny for more than a few days, I would at least call the vet, if not bring him in...because you are correct, kittens can become dehydrated easily. I hope that this is of some help to you. I hope that this puts your mind at ease. I know how neurotic I was about every little thing when Sport was that young. I was the stereotypical parent, on the phone with the doctor with every little sneeze...I'm sure you can picture it...LOL

Best of Luck to You and Jake,
Have a Happy and Healthy New Year,

Rob & Sport
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Thanks so much for the response!! That's exactly what I am right now- an overreacting paranoid parent lol. It happens with every little concern, however small...
He definitely overate yesterday though. I could tell just by the way his stomach felt...I am going to watch him very closely, but since last night he hasn't pooped, he only peed twice this morning. He is a crazy beast right now, he is playing nonstop, and I made the mistake of putting him in the litterbox because it looked to me like he was trying to dig into the floor the way he does in the litter ...He ended up starting to play inside the litter box chasing his tail, and stepped in his poop on accident...Now I have a lot of cleaning to do today lol...
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