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Anyone else hate driving in the wind?

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I know I do!! We're getting a cold front moving in (with snow ) and the wind gusts on my little mountain are up to 50-60 mph. I work on top of a BIG mountain 30 mins away and it's always 10X worse up there. I'm NOT looking forward to the drive there and back. I have to drive across a bridge on the internet that is not protected in any way and the cross winds there are nasty even on nice days. I drive a Pontiac Grand Am while fairly good sized is still pretty light (relatively speaking). I already have a full spare and sand bags in the back to weigh it down for winter, but I'm still nervous. Then again I'm really a chicken when it comes to driving, period!

I REALLY wish I could just call off, but I need to go to get my holiday pay for tomorrow. Plus, I was off the last 2 days because I was sick. *sigh*. Wish me luck!
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I wish you luck! I saw on the news last night that Colorado was having 90 mph wind gusts and that has to be frightening to drive in!

I can really appreciate the fear of driving in the wind. DH and I used to have a big cargo van, and that was so hard to keep in a straight line on a windy day. You had to keep looking at the terrain of the road and if you were coming to a clearing point (like exiting an underpass), you had to hang on the steering wheel really hard. I don't know how truckers do it sometimes.
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Good luck with the drive! I hate driving on windy days, too. I drive a vintage Mustang and it's amazingly hard to handle in a good wind.
Here's hoping you travel safely.
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Our wind gusts on Monday afternoon were 43mph!! Have my drive home is on county roads and snow fences are not put up in the empty fields so the roads become snow/ice covered with drifts. I usually drive the truck (w/4WD) and weight in the back so its not too terrible but when I drove to pay the property taxes with the car I drive really slow!!
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We had a wind advisory all night and there were gusts that had Aristotle heading for cover! Sometime today I have to straighten the bird feeder back up.
Originally Posted by Momofmany View Post
I can really appreciate the fear of driving in the wind. DH and I used to have a big cargo van, and that was so hard to keep in a straight line on a windy day. You had to keep looking at the terrain of the road and if you were coming to a clearing point (like exiting an underpass), you had to hang on the steering wheel really hard. I don't know how truckers do it sometimes.
I drive a full size van and know that feeling. I don't envy our truckers in weather like that. In the last week or so we've had at least two trailers blown over on one of the major highways.
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We had a huge wind storm here in Ontario on Sunday. I was watching a news report that day where they showed a transport truck that had flipped over on Highway 400 when the trailer started shifting because the wind was so strong. The driver wasn't hurt and thank goodness the cars close by saw what was happening and slowed down to give him lots of room before the truck flipped.....Very lucky no one was hurt.
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i dont care for it, i can tell already its very windy outside...and im driving 4 hours today to spend new years in DC with friends...everyone just drive safe and happy new years!
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I know how you feel! I live on a sort of mountain (at any rate, it's about 2 miles of steady uphill driving, on a twisty raod--is that a mountain???). I DREAD driving my Neon in bad weather, esp. snow. I have already, in 4 years here, had 3 times where I nearly had to spend the night in my car, at the bottom of the mountain--DH was on the road at work, and it had started snowing and sleeting while I was still at work, or I would not have been out. I decided to try the other side of the mountain, which is sometimes cleared off a lot more--it's a state road or something. However, I still had to drive a couple of miles to get there! The other time, I bailed out near my friend's house, instead of chancing it (it was an AWFUL storm--it took her 2 hours to get home [we work together, but leave at different times], and she only lives 20 minutes away). I ditched my car, and walked about 3/4 of mile, at night, in snow, with cracked snow boots, but I got to her house! Needless to say, I carry a snow emergency car kit, complete with water and snacks, as I have blood sugar problems; it also contains a sleeping bag.

The wind here is also fun. DH has a Jeep, which always feels as if it's going to tip over anyway (at least when I drive it!). I won't drive it in high winds, if I can help it, like on Monday. I was to take it in for insepction, but told him "no", as there was a high wind warning for the area (Yahoo weather even says not to drive high profile vehicles in their warning). Neons aren't a lot better--I get blown around all over the road, but at least they are not high profile.

We also are having very high winds here today. The cats are enjoying watching the leaves swirling around!
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I am terrible at driving in gusty wind. If you were following me, it would probably look like I was slightly drunk. It was really windy here last night, the power went out sometime early this morning but was restored by the time we got up.
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We had that nasty wind yesterday too; but fortunately no precipitation with it. My commute has me crossing a lot of farm land; so the wind was just whipping across it. When people were passing me (I was taking my time!) a few times they were almost blown into my lane!! So yeah, I was taking it easy!!

Our office faced directly into the wind and it sounded like mac-trucks were driving up our front walk all day. A few people had a hard time pushing the door to get out of the building even. When they did get the door open, that wind was rattling the windows at my reception desk real good. I was so glad to be home; though the wind was shaking my house some too.
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man the wind while driving back and forth to wichita was just horrible. i was blown all over the road in that tiny little car. It also made it unbearably cold when getting gas. lol. I had thrown out all my heavy jackets last year thinking i wasn't coming back. BIG mistake.
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I drive a little 92 Acura Integra everyday, and that poor little car gets carried all over the place when it's windy out. I've got to fight with it to keep it in one lane on the interstate. My 84 Camaro was like that too. It's as though the wind just gusted underneath and carried it half the time.
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I had a 78 Firebird that was terrible in wind too, and that really surprised me since it sits so low to the ground but there was NOTHING in back to hold it down.

OH, the day I started this thread (sorry it took me so long to update), it was nasty windwise getting up to work, but it was managable. BUT, when I got off the interstate the road to work was completely snow covered. 2 accidents on the 300 yd drive to the entrance. One involved 2 people I work with. One car spun around, hit the other car in the back end and shoved it into a tree beside the road. So damage to the front and the back, but not totaled. The tow truck came, loaded the car, the girl came to work....and got a call 1/2 hour later. The tow truck was getting back on the interstate and the tow truck slid on the snow and ice covered road and her car wasn't secured and ROLLED off the top of the roll back and UNDER the back wheels of the tow truck!! Her boyfriend said "it wasn't totaled before, but it definitely is now!".

I HATE winter!!
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I hate driving in the wind, and we've had some days here lately where it's been gusting up to 50mph. Having a big/heavy vehicle doesn't seem to matter - I've got a '94 Caravan and an '81 Buick, and while both of them are heavy, driving them in a strong wind is like trying to sail a boat in a hurricane.
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i hate driving period whether there is wind or not.
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I'm a VW guy. Wind sucks.

A vanagon is basically a huge box. Seriously, it's like driving a billboard...

My bug doesn't do too much better. It's slightly more aerodynamic, but the thing weighs under 2000 pounds, wet and loaded. On skinny retro tires... driving a beetle in inclement weather takes nerve.
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