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Daily Thread NEW YEARS EVE 08'

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Morning all my lovelies!!

We are saying goodbye to 2008 tonight. I can't complain about 08 though, it was a very good year for me. 2009 I am getting married though, so I am anxious for thatyear to come too!!

I got a new computer and it came yesterday so I think we are going to set it up tonight. I am SO EXCITED!!! My computer that I have now has had alot of problems. I am going to be so careful with this new one.

Its bitterly cold today...its going to be like -20

Anyhoo, have a lovely New Years my friends!!
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Happy New Years to you too Natalie!

I'm really looking forward to 2009...if all goes well I should be a mom in 8 weeks! yikes

We are going to have a quiet night in with some friends tonight. It should be fun

All the best for 2009 everyone!
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Happy new year to all of you. Snowing again today. Not much planned for tonight. Going to a friends house for abit tonight .
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Nothing much planned. We may go out for pizza and then come back and watch a movie. I don't like going out on NYE... restos are too busy, and they jack up prices altho' this year not so much b/c of the economy... My BF calls this "Amateur Night" because of all the forced revelry and the consumption of alcohol...
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I have a bad cold and my hip is hurting terribly (only 2 and a half months until my next surgery!) and it is snowing...again....

Lets see...after I finish my coffee I am going to make a cheesecake for the New Year's Eve Party I'm going to tonight. Its very low key so it doesn't matter if I'm not feeling 100%....we start the night going out to eat at a Japanese resturant and then head back to my friend's house for games and gossip until midnight....very fun and very relaxing
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Morning All!!!

A very happy New Year's Eve to everyone.

Bitterly cold here today, -23C and windy not a nice combination.

Nothing much planned for today, need to make a quick run to the grocery store for a couple of things I forgot. Other then that I am just going to putter around the house.

As for the NYE celebration, I am just planning on making a nice dinner, and watching the celebrations on TV.

The kitties are in high spirits this morning, tearing around the house like banshees. I am sure they will wear themselves out shortly and spend the rest of the day napping.

Everyone have a great day
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Happy New Year everyone hope you all have a great time
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Well its sunny and blustery again. Its 2F (-17C) and a wind chill of -17F (-27C).
Not doing much so far today.

The high is only supposed to be 9F today and Neil wants to grill out on the firepit tonite first he has to shovel it out.

Got the John Adams DVD set and a bottle of bubbly to drink tonite also.

Have a Happy New Year's Eve!!
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Not much here today, just cleaning house and enjoying a week off from work. Might or might not sit up until midnight, that remains to be seen. However, if we do, we have a decently expensive bottle of champagne to toast the year in, courtesy of one of our clients!
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Happy NYE everyone! Feels like a normal day to me. So many had a bad 2008 and I am glad it's over. Mom is burying her 4th friend this year today.

I hope to sleep through the night without the sweats/chills. Hopefully this cold will be gone in 2009.

We don't have any special plans tonight. I think we just want this year to be over with. Mom is making a roast tomorrow.
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HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE everybody! We're not doing much tonight. I went to the grocery yesterday and got some snacks and what I think is a decent bottle of champagne for tonight. We'll probably try to find something to watch on TV and watch the ball drop.
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driving to DC to spend NYE at a house party with a bunch of friends, djs, loud music and booze lol. last year me and bf did the whole romantic spend it together thing, this year we want to go out and party.
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Happy New Years Eve
We are staying home and I have terrible cramps today.
Its 41 here right now with thick valley fog.
We will have fondue tonight.
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Happy New Years' Eve gang! It's stormy out, but only rain. 46F. I have my final appointment with my career counselor, for the year (although, I may have to stop, due to finances, lets see if i have the guts to do it today) in about an hour, then I'll stop of Trader Joe's for a few things (gotta keep it small), and then home. I work tomorrow, so I'll probably go to bed before midnight. I do have mini bottles of champagne, so I'll have one of those with my pillsbury cinnamon rolls tonight. That's my celebration 'meal.' Don't worry, I'll fix real food earlier in the day. I hope to get some sewing done when i get home, and more cleaning.

NYE has always been a bit melacholy for me. On NYE in 1990, going in 1991, my grandfather passed away that morning. It was a tumultuous start to the new year. He was my last living blood grandparent (his second wife, step-grandma for me, was still alive). I also had the strongest bond with him, as he lived the longest of all of them. I still hold his memory close on this day, each year.

I'll toast him this evening as well as all the others we've lost throughout the years. His eldest daughter just passed away a few weeks ago, so he's not alone (along with another of his daughters, and both wives now). I'm sure Aunt Evelyn is giving him he** (she's a former IRS worker, and military wife, tough as nails woman, you didn't cross her).

Anyway... happy New Year! Stay safe out there if you're going out.

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I got up this morning and put the movie Stepbrothers in the XBOX and watched that and ate breakfast. DH got up and we started cleaning house like mad people and have a stack of laundry to do...hopefully it will all get done by the end of the weekend. We are about to head out and get some beverages to celebrate bringing in the new year and some excellent desserts from the Chocolate Bar. That's about all we have planned for today! Have a great and safe new year everyone!
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Happy New Year to you too and good luck with your new computer.
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well its already 2009 in this part of the world.... has been for 7hrs & 40 minutes

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