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A couple of weeks ago I looked after a kitten for another fosterer while she was on holiday. The little guy, Eddie, was squinting a bit, had watery eyes and sneezed a fair bit. I knew he had been on medication but nobody told me what was wrong with him or that he still had problems, I put him in a spare bedroom but after a couple of days I let him out as he was crying continually. A week later I took my Emmy to the vets with a watery eye, she got eye drops and was sent home. On Monday I took her and Sunny (a foster I've had for ages) to the vets, Emmy now has two bad eyes and Sunny has one watery eye, they gave me more eye drops and sent me home. I ended up taking Emmy back in yesterday, her eye looked really bad and she was very lethargic, she had a cocktail of an injection - antibiotic and ibuprofen and finally perked up. I've just been back to the vet again for her to have a swab taken, the vet thinks it's Chlamydia. Now all four cats are on antibiotics although my older two are fine at the moment, if it is Chlamydia they will be on the medication for about a month and I wont be able to foster any more cats for the time being.

First of all I've learned a lesson - I will always quarantine any new cats that come into the house no matter how much they cry or try to escape! I've learned that the hard way!

So please please send me some vibes that we get them all sorted out and I don't have too many problems medicating them!

This is my poor Emily at the moment.
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Poor kitty. Vibes are coming your way.

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Poor little things! I hope they get better soon
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Oh my goodness, the poor baby

Lots of mega healthy healing coming her way
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Thank you!! So far so good, I'm managing to get three of them medicated by crushing their tablets and mixing it in with a bit of their wet food when they are hungry. Fable on the other hand doesn't like wet food so I'm powdering his tablet on to his biscuits the best I can and hoping his hunger will make him desperate enough to eat them! (No I'm not starving him, he's on a diet anyway and has to be fed certain amounts at certain times). I tried giving Fable and Jupey tablets by hand and also with the 'pill popper' but it didn't work and I now have very sore hands!

Emmy's eye is starting to look a little better now she is on new eye drops, I'll be glad when she's seen the vet on Monday and we have the results from the swab. I hope I can get this awful infection out of my house!!

Oh and as for little Eddie, I've spoken to his foster mum and he seems ok and is possibly over the worst although he's still sneezing. She is waiting to see what the results of Emmy's swab are and is going to ask the vet for advice.

Eddie: How can someone so cute and nice natured cause so much trouble? :P (He's a sweetheart and I would have loved to keep him!)
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He's adorable!! What a sweetie! My old cat,Mr Struggles had this. I took him to the vets, who told me he had cat flu and was going to die, and that there was no point in testing as he would be dead before the results came back!!!! I found out from my grandads barber!,who owned a cattery that it was Chlamydia. I was SO angry and upset. He was fine afer i changed vet.
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Sounds like herpes.
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Sending loads of vibes your way, I always quarantine newcomers for around 10 days, but having been raised with birds that seems like a very short time, birds should be quarantined for 2-3 months! But then Avian Chlamydiosis is worse than the feline version. I hope everyone is better soon. Quarantine in future
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Originally Posted by Epona View Post
Quarantine in future
Believe me I've learned my lesson!!

They're all doing great, Emmy is back to normal and they've all finished their medication except Jupey who we took back to the vets yesterday for some different antibiotics (Baytril) because the stuff he was on irritated his throat and made him throw up.

Eddie has now tested negative for Chlamydia but like my vet says he could have passed it on to his fosterer's cats already and they may not show any signs of it. I'm a bit annoyed as she's been doing this for years yet doesn't seem to know that you can't just put a cat with Chlamydia back in with her other cats... Her vet didn't seem at all concerned about it.

I hope I manage to get Jupey's medication down him, we have 6 days to go. We mix it in with a bit of margerine and wipe it on his paw or the top of his mouth. He's not keen but at least he washes it off!! The vet is the one who gave us this advice.
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