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Is this vet's advice on food correct?

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For the first 6 months I fed my cats dried food.

I then came across this forum, read alot, asked around then switched to canned wet food.

Just finished a neutering operation for my female cat and the vet said that only wet canned food is bad and that i really should feed the cats a combination of wet and dry.

This is a vet in China (professional but operates on different views) so I'm not so confident of their advice.

What is the opinion here. Is wet canned food only better or is a combination of wet and dry food better?
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you are going to get various opinions on this topic, but the consensus seems to be that an all wet diet is better than a mixed wet/dry, or all dry... If you can afford a quality variety of wet... This should be the best way. I never heard of an all wet diet being bad, but there are many experts on this forum, so...
Good Luck!!
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most here would say wet is better than dry - most cats don't drink a great deal, & wet has more moisture. it's also much closer to their natural diet.
that said - i have 2 that simply won't eat wet 3 that will. i also work all day [single] so i leave out dry during the day, feed wet in the evenings for my 'wet eaters'. i also have 3 fountains to encourage drinking [this works, too].
i try to feed a high-quality dry to make up for the difference in nutrition in wet vs. dry. i feed a mid-range quality wet, plus a bit of homemade to supplement it.
there's a good [albeit long!] thread on what different people feed here: what food do you use & why?
HTH - & welcome to TCS!
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wet only is great for most... all dry is a convience for the humans not the cat ... I do dry and wet or dry and raw( not optimal dry should not be feed with raw )
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Thanks for the feedback.

3 out of 3 say go for wet health wise so I'm now inclined to go against the vets advice and just stick to wet.

On a side note, my cats get fed dry when I'm away for a couple of days and getting them back to wet is not easy. They fast/starve/diet and sulk for a few days before switching back to wet.

Is this normal or just two unusually difficult cats?
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quite normal for many cats ....
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It is the same problem here as in China. I don't know if things have changed but
the reason your vet thinks so highly of the pet food they sell and dry food is that in vet school, the only classes offered on nutrition usually last a few weeks, and are taught by representatives from the pet food companies.
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Considering that you are living in China and, considering that the melamine peddlers there had no compunction over mixing their wares with wheat and other grain gluten products shipped to North America (and Europe before that) and, considering that those same "people" had no compunction against mixing those same wares into infant milk formula in their own country, it might be very advisable for you to avoid any "Product of China" cat foods containing "gravy".....

If I remember correctly, the Purina company has opened a number of pet food plants in China....if available to you, those products might well be a consideration.
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You might also consider printing this article and suggesting he read a feline Veterinarian-Nutritionist's point of view...or, just give him the URL info for you too!
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These articles provide very useful information: Why Cats Need Canned Food and Does Dry Food Clean the Teeth?
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