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sudden tension between my cats

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My two cats are from the same litter . . they are 9, I've had them since they were 8 weeks old. They have NEVER had a problem getting along. They have always slept together, eaten together, played together. Recently Cammie was diagnosed with diabetes and I've been taking her to the vet a lot. Monday I took her and had to leave her there for 8 hours for a glucose curve check. This was the second time I've had to do this. This time, when I brought her back home, Frisky sniffed her and HISSED!? This happened four more times within a 10 min. time period, I was shocked. Frisky is NOT like that. This continued all night last night. At one point my husband had Frisky on his lap (she seemed upset and was clinging to him) so I sat next to them with Cammie on my lap. Frisky smelled her, hissed, then started batting her with her paws! The whole rest of the night, Frisky would growl anytime Cammie walked by her. Cammie just looks at her like she's crazy. Today, they are just staring at each other. WHAT HAPPENED?! Did Cammie pick up the scent of a strange cat at the vet and Frisky is upset? How do I fix it?

ANY opinions would be appreciated . . thankyou ahead of time!
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The kitty who was to the vet smells different - therefore the littermate is not accepting her. You can try a dab of vanilla at the top of their head & another at the base of their tails (do both cats - and I *think* those are the right places?).
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My cats do not do that but Maui my sisters cat attacks Midnight every time he goes to the vet.
I agree try the vanilla.
Alot of cats will do taht when the other cat has been at the vet.
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Some of mine do that when one of them has been to the Vet. One of the boys, Patch had an operation and when I took him home, one of the other cats wouldn't go near him and when he found himself next to Patch, he started spitting and swatting at him, I felt so bad for my poor Patch, everything he went through and then not to be accepted by one of his brothers was heart breaking, but as the scent of medicine wore off, things got back to normal. I guess all the different kinds of smells on them scare the others.
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It's funny I just popped on here seeking advice on the same exact problem... Fred went yesterday, had vaccinations and a checkup, came home, was fine for a while, then the hissing began, and it's now hissing, spitting, swatting, and it seems to happen anytime he sniffs near the injection spot... so I feel your pain.
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Erinca and everyone . . . I'm so glad I'm not alone on this! THANKYOU very much . . Cammie has another glucose curve check at the vet tomorrow and has to stay 8 hours. I will try the vanilla. Frisky only reacted to her that way for two days, but still . . Cammie has a traumatic enough day being at the vet for 8 hours!
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