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Jimi is almost 15. He only eats canned food (since august) because he only has a few teeth left and can't chew the dry food. the past couple of months or so, he seems to puke 2-3 times a week. Occasionally there is a hairball present. Sometimes he will take the petromalt, sometimes not. His appetite remains good, although for the past 2 days he turns his nose up at anything i put down (he wants to eat but i think he is being picky). should i take him to the vet? i keep getting scared he has a hairball lodged somewhere.

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As an older cat it won't take long for things to get bad fast. I would take him in, just because he is not eatting and is old.
Don't wait. Call in the AM.
I lost my old girl last April. And now looking back I prolly could have done more. Just my 2 pennies.
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I would go to the vet.
In Dec 2007 I lost Stormy to kidney failure.
I thought it was Coco her mom barfing but it was Stormy.
Her kidneys were gone and she had to be pts.
Coco is 16.10 and hardly has any teeth but she still eats dry with no problem.
He may not feel like eating.
Coco does that with her Crf and uti's.
Has he had a senior panel?
There are so many things that can go wrong at that age.
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thank you both for responding. i am making an appt in the a.m. jimi's mom had ARF and i had her PTS once we knew there was no recovery. jimi is acting nothing like she did. he has not vomited in several days, and is eating better, although still being somewhat picky. he's had a weight issue most of his life, but has lost abt 5 lbs in the last year. i think he has lost some more recently. anyway, despite a few extra pounds he has always been totally healthy. heart, lungs, kidneys, bloodwork, ets have always been normal. but just to be on the safe side i am going to get him into the vet as soon as possible.
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