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WalMart pulling Magazine of shelves because of racy covers

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I just read on Yahoo news that WalMart pulled Maxim and Stuff magazines off their shelves due to the racy covers. To me, this sounds like a double standard. Here is the link to Yahoo news.

I think that if they are going to pull of these 2 magazines, they should be pulling off other ones too.
What do you think?
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Hey, some Cosmo covers are pretty racy. But they're on the shelves. Yes, it is a double standard, I agree.
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They are pulling 3 mags - Stuff, Maxim and FHM. Just put them on the top shelf away from minors.
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That's a riot..... what pictures are in there are tame compared to Playboy etc etc.... sorry but men aren't into crafts flowers or how to bake the perfect quiche. We want women, sports, BBQ's and cars. Just my 2 cents LOL
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I read about this. I have read all of those magazines my fiance used to have a subscription to them, good reading I think!

But if the covers are racy (and yes I know some of them are!) then they should be pulled if enough of the public is standing up to this and voicing their disgust. But I don't think there should be double standards, they should also pull any other magazine that has covers such as this on a normal basis.
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They could put them on a top shelf, or sell them with a plain brown paper wrapper.
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Wal-Mart has long prided itself on its "family" standards. They will only sell watered-down, PG versions of CDs that carry the warning label, too. It's their choice as a retail establishment to choose to sell or not sell anything they want. I personally applaud them, and think it's a shame that an act of decency has to be headline news to begin with.
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I agree with you that its their company and they can choose to sell what they wish (that's part of what our country is all about). And they certainly don't seem to be suffering financially for their stance(s).

I do, however, agree with the sentiment that if they're willing to pull those (Stuff, Maxim, FHM) they should be equally offended by the Cosmo cover article headlines, the Rolling Stone cover with Christina A. nude wrapped around a guitar, Entertainment Weekly had the Dixie Chicks nude, all the custom car and motorcycle magazines...I'm sure you get what I mean.

Yes, maintaining moral standards shouldn't be headline news, but the standard should be consistently applied.
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Talk about double standard: they pull racy magazine covers and sell edited video games, yet female department managers and assistant managers are dragged to "business meetings" at Hooters and strip clubs!

Since Sam Walton died, WalMart has gone to Hell, in a handbasket. You no longer see the signs: "XXX number of American jobs, saved this week" (most of the stock is now 'made in China'), they are constantly being sued for illegal labor practices and (now) sexual harassment. I used to feel pretty good, about shopping at WalMart but, lately, Target has been getting most of my business. As soon as its available, at work, I'm getting a Costco membership and WalMart can pound salt!
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You don't have to convince me of that. I worked for Wal-Mart for 5 years, before and after Sam Walton died. This man is rolling over in his grave, for where his company has been taken.
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Who has taken over Walmart? Since I moved, I havent been going there and a new Target is opening up soon! I was not aware of their practices - thanks for the headsup, *waiting for target to open*
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Since I work for WalMart, I felt like I have to give my small opinion. I agree with each one of you who think that WalMart has gone down hill. It has ever since Sam Walton died, they have become money hungry idiots! But I do have to stick up for the individual stores. Not every WalMart store is the same. I've been to several different stores and every one of them is different when it comes to their service. I do apologize to you all if you've had a bad experience with your WalMart and I don't blame you for going some where else to shop. Some of those stores are so big and employ so many people, they have no idea what really happens. Management only see a smidgen of what really goes on and I urge you to complain. Hell..I do it daily!LOL! They can only fix the problems if they know about them.
There is a store suggestion box at every Layway and Service Desk counter...please use it!

Since I'll be joining the Management team in a couple of months, I just hope that I can do my part of making WalMart a bit better for MY customers. I'm sure other stores Management team have the same thought I have, but they can not fix it if they don't what is happening.

I don't agree with everything WalMart does or ever has done. Yes, there are some shady things that have happened and are happening as I speak. I just hope that eventually I can do a small part to make WalMart a better company.

Ok, I'm done..I'm slinking back into lurk mode now!
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And to bolster what Shell is saying....it's in my experience that the individual Wal-Mart stores that are still in more of the 'hometown environment' are the ones whose employees still try to stick to the old Sam Walton ideals. Mr. Sam never built stores in the busy metropolitan areas the way the company has been. The store I used to work in is a pit now. But the one near my house is as good as ever.
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And thusly corporate greed overtakes personal ideals.
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