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Tundra and Tacoma update and question......

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Hi everyone,
It has been a while since i have been here posting, but I do read off and on to keep up with kittens born etc.
For those of you who remember, my husband and I adopted 2 12 week old abandoned kittens who had already been on their own in an apartment without food or care for a couple weeks. We nursed them back to health and are the love of our lives

They are both now 8.5 months old and very healthy.
My question is about one of the kittens seems to be very attached tome I mean almost unnaturally so... when he is awake he moves around to every room that I am in. If I go to the bathroom, he is right on my heels. I leave and go to the kitchen, I literally count 5 seconds and here he comes trotting in. When sitting down to watch tv, he will crawl up on my and curl up to sleep (I know that sounds somewhat normal), but EVERY day - it is almost like that is part of his ritual to go to sleep. He does not always sleep on me but he will always be in the same room, about 2 feet away. I almost have to tiptoe once he's asleep so that he can remain snoozing for any length of time. I do not let them sleep in our bedroom.
He has always been this way, he is also the most vocal with me. Tundra is so much more independent. He loves to cuddle too, but once he has his lovin' he' s good to go and moves to one of his favorite spots to sleep. He follows me around to o but not as much as the other.

Am I giving him too much attention? I know I spoil him too much Even my husband says : "your baby...." and then says we should have called him shadow.
Is there anything that I need to do about this? I just always thought that cats were very independent creatures and didn't even want to be around people so much....
Oh, one more thing...they do not do this to my husband, only me. Although Mr. Spoiled Man mews when my husband leaves to go to work. I swear he is like a baby.....
Please help - sorry so long.......
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I, too, thought that cats were supposed to be independent ... until my cats started shadowing me. Different cats have different personalities, and some are very friendly and needy. It's not a problem.
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It sounds like you have two very appreciative, loving, kitties who when you brought them in, you became mommy kitty! It is completely natural for some cats to cling to human companionship especially when raised from a young age by them. I adopted Maia at 6 weeks from a couple who didn't know any better but kept in touch with them, and was told Maia was the one that cried to be held and was never happy till she was! Granted she is the only kitty, but I can't make a move without her knowing, and that's what I love about her!
I would simply enjoy the love he has for you, he's basically letting you know that he will always be their for you!
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My Zeus is like that too. He follows me everywhere and doesn't sleep much during the day because he only naps when I sit down. He sleeps well at night
I think that is very touching, he really wants to be by you
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Smudge is like that too. He doesn't really want to be held or cuddled, but if I try moving anywhere in the house, he's right there. It's like he's stalking me.
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Thank you so much for replying, I feel so much better. The kittens were taken away from their mother too early as well as left at 12 weeks - kinda like a double detachment so early. It makes sense that I am taking the momma kitty role.
I know that I am blessed to have 2 cats that love to be held. One of them could just live in my arms though. Give him some litter and food and he would hunker down nice n' tight
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