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OMG! So I go to the liquor store in Vancouver Washington. Now mind you I bought online a liquor mix that is a drink that I had in New Orleans. It's called a Hand grenade. Why? Because it get's you bombed. lol..My friend and I loved the drink it tasted so good. We didn't get messed up at all when we had one. So I order the mix from New Orleans. I read the directions it says use the mix whole bottle, 2 quarts waters, and 20oz of 190 proof grain alcohol.

Okay. Well guess what? It's illegal in the state of washington to sell it. So the chick goes, you need to go to Oregon Jantzen beach (which means nothing to you where the location is) I say okay. She says it's easy when you get off the exit for Jantzen beach you will see a hooters, it's right across the street from there. Okay. So I drove to Oregon. (not a long Vancouver washington to Portland Oregon if you don't already know) But I got LOST! I had to ask four different people including going into a cigar shop to ask for directions.

When I finally found the liquor store and asked an employee where was it: First this customer gives me this look and does a "whoosh...." and the employee tells me it's behind the counter! So I go up to the counter and ask for it. Once again you should have seen the look I got. It was unbelievable. The guy was like this is pretty strong stuff. Not in New Orleans apparantly! I said "yeah I know but the mix I have requires it."

I am 32 years old going on 33, I can buy whatever drink I want! I am a little bit frustrated by the whole thing. I told my best friend whom I am spending new years with (spending the night, no drinky drivey for me I am responsable) she owes me big time! BIG TIME! lol