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Ginger Tom (Now Harry!) has a home

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My brother and his partner, who visited here during the holidays, have fallen in love with my ginger stray and want to adopt him. So we took him to the vet on Monday and got his rabies shot to start his passport process for moving to the UK. It will take 7 months from now to go through all the stages, but I don't mind keeping him till then as I know he will be going to a great place with loving, caring people.

I am so happy and my brother is over the moon. He has taken about 100 photos of Harry (as he will now be called) to show his daughters. One of them asked for a rat for Christmas (Santa refused to deliver it) but I think they will love the new addition too. And as Harry slept on the guest room bed all through the visit, I think he is happy with his new family too.
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That's wonderful Jenny!

(Much better than a rat, IMO)
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That's great! I'm so glad there's a happy ending for that sweet boy.
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gotta love them orange boys!!!
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Oh thats fantastic news Jenny!! That has got to thrill you!!

I think Harry is a perfect name, too!
I love it when things finally start coming together
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How lovely, Jenny!!

Congratulations to Harry and his new family , and to you.
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That certainly is great news!!! Hooray for Harry!
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Oh Jenny, that's FABULOUS news! What a wonderful holiday it turned out to be for Harry!

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Great news Jenny
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Oh, good for Harry (and his new family!)

(Too bad about the rat, though, they're so cute! )
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