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ok I found this little stray kitty, bastet, she is very small under 6 mo for sure she has this thick creamy like eye goop its ivory white, she has neon green eyes so i know they are not cloudy, she only gets it in the moring she is a out door cat, mother in law dont like cats and were i stay they dont allow pets.

help!! (
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I hope you have gotten help for your kitten. Can you bring her in anyway and maybe keep her in a bathroom or your bedroom so you can help her get well. She sounds so tiny and that makes if bad for her outside.

Has she had any kitten vaccinations?

She may have feline herpes virus. A vet will need to check her.

I hope you can get her some help so she can grow healthy.
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I think first thing you need to do is get her to the vets and tell the vet you've found her stray. Who knows her human might be very worried about her and she might have got out and got lost. If you are unable to keep her your local vet will be able to contact cat welfare charities for you and take it from there. Well done for taking her in. Hope she gets well soon.
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