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help!!!!!!! baby kitty not sure what to do

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ok i have this baby not sure how old but know she is under 6 months she is not eating like she use to she plowed over Mr. B to get to the food now she is not eating at all and she just started to get the ivory white eye goop it drys brownish- green she only gets it in the moring it remids me of what i had when i was little but im worried the vet was no help i called and they said it was nothing and not to bring her in! so im worried i am in a town that will run over any thing if its in the way
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Call a different vet, or a vet in the next town over, if possible. Any change in behavior (eating, playing, litter box habits) warrants a trip to the vet. OR, you can always call the vet back and make an appointment anyway.

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she was a stray half starved when i found her she was under 2 lb now she is 3ish lbs she eats just not as much and she is a outdoors kitty and the vet is the only one around here the next one is 3 towns over the only thing that im worried about is the eye goop and the hunger tapering off i can understand she is understanind the food is not going to stop and she has super short legges i think is is a munckin she waddles when she walk !!!!!!!!!
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If she is an outdoor kitty, she may be supplementing her diet by hunting prey - this could be why she isn't eating as much. Is she spayed?

As for the eye goop, some is normal. Brownish is ok ... bright, infected looking green is not ok. Other than the goop, are her eyes normal? No redness or inflammation? What about the haw (third eyelid)? Is that retracted normally?
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she is still to light for the vet he dose not want to spade her till she is 4lbs every thing is normal about the eye but the goop and it is alot a finger tip full i have size 7 fingers and it covers the whole tip, the goop form both eyes. its white and it drys brownish green like snot the vet said its form the weather going freezing then hot but im still worried the 3rd lid is not visable unless you are trying to open the eye but if she is opening it willingly then its not there
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If she is truly a munchkin, she may be someone's lost pet. Have you checked around? Any chance of a photo?
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How is she doing? Did you take her to the vet anyway?
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If she's so tiny and UNspayed (because you have to wait until she weighs more), do you really think it's a good idea to let her outside? What if she gets pregnant? If she's that tiny, pregnancy would be very hard on her.

Even though the Vet said not to bring her in, you still can. The goop in her eyes could be due to an infection.....maybe she's not eating as much because she has an upper respiratory infection (eye infection often goes along with that)?

Was she ever dewormed? (with proper meds from the Vet, not the store bought kind)

You'd be better able to keep an eye on her if she was strictly indoors; then you can see if she's peeing/pooping okay, and better monitor her appetite, energy level, etc.
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