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I made chicken and asparagus pasta last night and we'll be haivng the rest tonight.
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Pork Tenderloin Medallions. This time with apricot and orange, I think, as we'll have a guest who [a] is lactose intolerant, therefore no cream sauces, and [b] totally adores apricots. Since I'm brain dead from this week, accompaniments will be Jasmine Rice and whatever veg looks good. Pecan Pie doesn't take much effort and is just as nice naked as it is with whatever dairy accompaniment, so I think that's dessert.
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Chicken enchiladas for me tonight....I should make some rice to go with them!
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Breakfast for dinner for me tonight. I had a mushroom and cheese omelet, some sliced ham and a couple of pieces of whole-wheat toast. Also some strawberries and 1/2 mango. I was very good, and nice for a change.
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We had tilapia (fish) and stuffing.
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I made chilli for dinner and had chocolate cake that my Mum made me!
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Fish for me this evening. Baked Halibut, with a lemon/pepper crispy breading, seasoned roasted potato's and salad. Not sure about dessert most likely just some fresh fruit.
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There's chicken left from earlier this week, and I haven't quite decided what to do with it. But whatever that is, I have a treat to go with it. I was in the market today and saw lovely fiddleheads -- not cheap, but not as godawfulexpensive as they often are, so I snapped 'em up. There's also LO Jasmine Rice, which will be fine warmed up.

Last night's Pecan Pie never happened because I had less corn syrup in the house than I thought. The Blueberry Crisp that got substituted went over just fine and will provide for tonight as well.
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We went out for Chinese tonight. Had the best short ribs I have ever had!
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I had taco bell and ice cream for dessert.
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I have some fish left-over from last nights dinner so I am thinking of making a fish burger, with cheese, lots of tomato and lettuce and homemade tartar sauce. Along with that a garden salad. Hmmmmm think it's going to be an early dinner at that.
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We are having steaks on the grill with corn on the cob, etc. and cheesecake with strawberries for dessert
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I have the trimmings from the pork tenderloin we had on Friday, that will be lovely in SOMEthing, but they're not really speaking to me today, so I think I'll leave them for tomorrow and just do some pasta sauced with whatever I find in the fridge.
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My sister (15) (with the help of my children) are making me dinner tonight I am getting parmesan crusted pork chops a salad, baked potatoes, bruschetta w/ gorgonzola cheese and cherry tomatoes, and a lemon strawberry tart for dessert she wants to be a chef! so she loves cooking...and is very good at it too
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I'm making a big pot of slavic stew, and making up the recipe as I go along. It has chunks of pork tenderloin, polish sausage, saurkraut, beer, bacon, potatoes, onions and apples seasoned with caraway seed, paprika, salt and pepper. It smells heavenly.

This is actually a reward for the guys that work for me. They've been busting their butts at work, love slavic food, and I told them I'd bring them in lunch on Monday. We don't have a single decent german restaurant in town and they always talk about how they crave german food (general slavic is close enough).

But we're eating it for dinner first.
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I only post when I've bothered to make something decent! Oftentimes frozen pizza has to suffice for dinner, but today I made scalloped potatoes, a nice garden salad and grilled organic steak that was on special. Pushkin is keen to try some of the steak.
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I had a late lunch (Trader Joe's mini Chicken Cilantro Wontons... yum!), so will most likely have a late-ish dinner. I have some Curry Chicken, also from Trader Joe's, which I may just fix up in a few hours... maybe with some veggies from somewhere.... haven't decided those yet.

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Originally Posted by pushylady View Post
I only post when I've bothered to make something decent! Oftentimes frozen pizza has to suffice for dinner, but today I made scalloped potatoes, a nice garden salad and grilled organic steak that was on special. Pushkin is keen to try some of the steak.
I'd say that was more than merely decent.

I was thinking I might do sausages tonight, but hadn't really settled on that when I remembered something we haven't had for a while that is a favourite of DH. In his childhood it went by the name "Gan's recipe" -- "Gan" being his paternal grandmother. The name on the somewhat tattered recipe card I inherited from his mother read "Mother M's Cheese Dish". It's a sort of savoury bread pudding with old cheddar and sauteed onions. Comfort food. As is often the case with old tattered recipe cards, the quantities and directions are sketchy, so I've been tweaking it from time to time, and I think it may be time to play some more. All that's needed to round out the meal is a bit of salad.
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I made pasties!! WOO! I LOVE pasties, I'm so excited. I dont make them often becaues it's sort of a big production and I tend to stuff myself on them until they're gone because I love them so much. But I made a bunch and I've still got about two batches to bake so yay! Can't wait until the next batch is done. The first several batches were potato, carrot, onion and corn, the last two batches will be without the carrot. When I was in Cornwall there was a pasty shop where I bought potato and onion (maybe cheese too?) pasties, mine don't measure up at all but it reminds me of good times!
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Leftover Chinese from last night
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I just had a microwave weight watchers chicken pasta for lunch but I'm really looking forward to my burger from work tonight - since after tonight I'm working until Sunday.
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I had Mild Italian Sausage on a bun and some Pasta Salad for dinner this evening. For dessert some sliced strawberries and whipped cream.
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Odd combination, but we're having steamed cauliflower with cheese sauce, fresh tamales and for desert fresh mango.
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Mmmmmmm! I've gotten lots of ideas for future dinners from all your posts. It's been a few days since I visited this thread.

Tonight DH is makin dinner. My Metatarsalgia (sp) is flaring up again. Owie!

He is making Popcorn chicken and homemade fries!
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Tonight is grilled sirloin steak, mashed potatoes, green beans. Maybe some garlic bread or italian bread to go with it.
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Chicken, peas, carrots, and baby jersey royal potatoes with gravy
Originally Posted by MonaxLisa View Post
I made pasties!!
It's years since i made those! I get them at Greggs bakery or marksies now
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What are pasties?
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Originally Posted by AlleyGirl View Post
What are pasties?
This is them Paula. Their a pastry with meat and vegetables inside them, lovely!!!

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I am thinking pork chops, potato wedges and brocolli tonight, with some type of fresh fruit for dessert.
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I had been thinking omelettes for tonight as it needs to be fast, but after a somewhat eggy meal last night, of which we've got the leftovers for lunch, perhaps I should pick up some sushi instead.
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