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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats View Post
Yum! It's about 4km from us too. Infact it's just across the road from my work. I think their chicken is really special and gosh peri-peri chips. Delish!

Here's one of their menus - http://www.nandos.com.au/

I like to eat the wraps with pineapple but Kieran likes to get a 1/2 chicken!

I'm working for the next 3 nights so probably no gourmet fare for me! I'll probably get Subway for tea tonight.
Hmm, seems like they opened one in Washington DC last year, but thats the only one as far as I can tell.
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I decided on turkey burgers tonight with all the trimmings, cheesy pasta salad, and a green salad..I can hardly wait.......
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We are going to Smashing tomato tonight for pizza and salad, it's SO yummy, and it's lent so no meat on Friday for me!
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Originally Posted by Bella713 View Post
We are going to Smashing tomato tonight for pizza and salad, it's SO yummy, and it's lent so no meat on Friday for me!
No meat here as well...Fish fillets and homemade Mac & Cheese!
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Well, there's no meat taboo in our house, and we had a late night last night, so the cook is dragging her butt today. That translates to Pork Tenderloin Medallions, and for a change I think I'm going to do Linda's apple treatment -- though I'm afraid at the price of Calvados, I'll be cheating and using regular brandy -- so it won't be quite as lovely, but I expect it will still be nice. I have a great recipe for Sage Potatoes that I haven't done for quite a while, and will go nicely I think. Veg? Something green -- we're overdue for broccoli, so that will probably get the nod. And if Granville Island isn't a madhouse, I think I'll pay a visit to my favourite purveyor of delectable Italian things and pick up a tiramisu for dessert. There. Dinner planned. Thanks.
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Comfort food for me tonight, tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich. For dessert some mint chocolate chip ice cream. Between the crappy weather and the aches and pains caused by it I need some comfort food...
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We had some leftover soup that I made
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We had BBQ'd hamburgers!
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Doug and I went out for dinner - he had veggie quiche in a potato crust and I had turkey pot pie with a herbed bisquit crust.

But before we left we worked together to make traditional split pea soup - complete with potato and cooked with a smoked ham shank. Once the shank was cooled I pulled off the edible meat, chopped it up and put it back on the pot. That is dinner tomorrow.
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Make myself some broiled lemon-garlic salmon with a mixed greens salad topped with cranberries, walnuts and raspberry vinaigrette. Washed it down with some home-made sweet tea, yum!
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We had a large lunch at TGI Fridays with my fiance's best woman, so we weren't hungry for dinner. We snacked on a few healthy things, but now I'm having some ice cream and hot chocolate for dessert.
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Fresh, homemade TAMALES!
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We were going to go out for pizza but since the weather got nasty and started snowing we made grilled cheese sandwiches instead w/fries. Fresh blackberries for dessert.
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We had planned on grilling some rib-eye steaks because it was such a lovely warm spring day.
But we went for a long drive (2/10 ths short of 100 m) Went to Baskett Slough NWR and saw tons of Canadian Geese and all manners of ducks. Drove up to Silverton and my DH showed me all the fields of Christmas trees that he's planted...some that are ready for harvest this year.
Then we stopped for dinner at a lovely little place called McCleay Inn. I had a Big Rueben and DH had a Malibu Chicken Sandwich, both served with their famous macaroni salad.

It was a great day and good food!
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Am in the process of making a pot of Chicken Vegetable soup, with bowtie pasta. I will have some of that, and maybe make up a batch of biscuits to go with it. And for dessert some more Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. With the yucky weather we are having again here today nice hot soup is just what the doctor ordered.
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Roast pork, sage and onion stuffing, peas and creamed potatoes

Actually, i'm off to make it now
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MMM, that sounds good, Susan -- can I come?

Actually, there's a bit of pork -- the unpretty ends of the tenderloin I used the other night -- that I'll use in a stirfry with lots of veggies in a peanut sauce, and likely Jasmine Rice. Dessert? Who knows!
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Beef Roast, smashed potatoes and a salad
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eh...I'm not feelin so good. Probably make the inmates cook their own dinners tonight.
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Chili for me and hubby.....spagetti or alphagetti for the kidlets since they don't like chili.
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Roast duck I don't know what else
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Boneless chicken wings, sliced potatoes & corn
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I had a mac snack wrap and a small fries from McDonalds
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I took some chicken breasts out of the freezer before I left so I'll have them with honey soy marinade and some sides - maybe garlic bread and coleslaw?
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We had a yummy beef vegetable stew that I put in the crockpot before I left this morning. We threw in some noodles, and it was really good. Now i'm having some ice cream and hot chocolate.
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I had tuna fish with honey wheat pretzels and a s'mores poptart for dessert.
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Made tacos for dinner tonight. Plan on having linguine with clam sauce tomorrow night. Yummers!
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We ended up converting the chicken breasts with a nice korma sauce and heaps of mushrooms and onions!

For pudding it was apple crumble and vanilla ice-cream.
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Ummm...the pork we were going to have last night. When it came time to cook, I realized that what I really wanted was Shish'n'Fips, so that's what we had, but I really do need to use the pork tonigiht.
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I have to stop reading all of these menus because this thread is really throwing a wrench into my diet.. .. is it possible to ban someone from a particular thread?

Tonight we're making a huge grilled chicken salad with the works!
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