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Heavy panting/coughing after rough play

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Last night i was playing with marley and the lazer light. i noticed he was getting a little over exherted when he started panting really heavy. then he started coughing, nothing came up. He continued panting for about a minute, not much longer then he was fine. why would he do this? i was in the bathroom and could hear him breathing from down the hall. he has done this once before when we played with the lazer light, then he was fine just like last night...any thoughts??
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Kizzy pants too after heavy play. I know to stop playing, or slow down as soon as I see him open his mouth. It doesn't last long at all, then he's ready for more play

My vet said its normal, as long as he's only doing it when he's been 'exercising'. If he was doing it just from sitting there, something could be wrong....(kinda like us people...when involved in vigourous exercise, we breath heavier)
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I think it could be a very mild form of asthma. Jake did that too once, so I looked up what it might be and that's what I came across. Jake was panting/coughing after eating though, so I concluded that something must have gotten stuck down his throat, and the fact that it never happened again also made me feel like it wasn't serious..Just monitor him and if it happens more often call your vet ...
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I would call the vet.
Sounds like it can be asthma or a heart problem.
Coco coughs from playing beacuse her asthma.
I can post a ideo on asthma if you want to see.
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I can post a ideo on asthma if you want to see.
i would love to see it .....thank you
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Here are a few videos.
My Coco does not always do that.
Sometimes she just coughs.
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Thank you for that. I will have to wait until I get off work to see them.
I made an appointment with the vet for Friday. I just talked to the vet assistant and she talked with doc and he thinks it could be a heart problem. They didn't even mention asthma but i will definaelty bring it up. Im worried about my little guy, please send good vibes for Marley.
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It can be heart also.
It does fit.
My Meeko has had a heart murmur since she was 3 months old and she is 8.5 years old now.
How old is he and what kind of cat is he?
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He is only 8 months. I believe he is a domestic long hair. I attached a pic for you to see. I noticed this a while back when he would play really hard and run for a while. His mouth is wide open and he has a hard time breathing, and it's really loud. It doesn't always end up in a cough, but that has happened a few times. I would say it has happened about 4 times since I brought him in at about 9 weeks. He has had a few coughing spells that haven't produced anthing, he just coughs for a min and then is done. One night he was sleeping on my lap and started shaking, almost convulsing, then woke up coughing, nothing came up then either....thats the only time he's done that. any other time he acts just fine, no problems breathing, so hopefully the vet will be able to figure out what's going on with him.

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He is cute.
I hope he will be ok.
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My Manny( also a little stray) panted a few times when we first rescued him. It was very very hot in the spare room ( June and July)and he was playing when he panted. It scared me though. He also choked/coughed a few seemed to be after eating. He saw all 3 of our local vets where we take our cats. The 3rd visit vet detected a grade 2 murmur that the 1st two vets didn't hear. He hasn't panted or coughed lately that I'm aware of.... so if it is related I hope he out grows the murmur. His resting breathing seems faster than my other 2 cats but it could be my imagination. He is also smaller than any other cat I've had at this cute though. I am a big worry wart and although I love this place it has made me more paranoid. lol

Keep us posted what the vet says.
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