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drippy eyes

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My new kitten had a drippy eye when I first got him (2 weeks ago). The breeder that I got him from gave me some ointment to put in his eye 2 times a day (terymycin..I think)I did this...it did not seem to help...now he has two watery eyes. Does anyone have any suggestions for his eyes. I wipe them with a damp cloth to clear away the goo..but it just comes right back. I have an older cat in the house who is bullying the little kitten...could this be causing his watery eyes??
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It sounds like an infection that needs to be treated by some other antibiotics. How on earth did a breeder give you a sick kitten?
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Watery eyes could be from an uppre respiratoy infection. Probably should get the kitten to the vet.
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Definately good to have him check out since kittens are so fragile because the imune systems have not yet fully developed!!! Is the discharge clear or is it yellow/milky?? I was told by my vet that there should not be a problem if the discharge is clear...

However, sometimes drippy eyes can be a result from tooo narrow tearducts - this is not dangerous - all it does is cause drippy eyes since it has to go somewhere. Food for thought.

Best to you a yoru furbaby
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My older cat had this problem when he was about 2 years old. I had him on an ointment for about 2-3 years. I even took him to an eye specialist. They found that he had an extra row of lashes on the inner lid. The only thing that I could do was put the ointment in once a day. He has drippy eyes that varied in color, from yellow to a dark red (not blood). The eye specialist said that since it didn't seem to bother him except when it dripped too much, and he was constantly cleaning, that surgery wasn't necessary. I haven't seen any eye problem for the past 3 years. If you can't find an antibiotic ointment from your vet, you should have an eye specialist check it out.
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Was reading up and found out that it could be
red-eye aka conjunctivitis. Have your little one checked out.
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