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New Kitten is aggressive towards existing cat

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Hi there everyone. I brought home a neutered kitten, "Cosmo", 2 months ago who is now 7 months old. I introuced him slowly to my current cat, "Sake" (pronounced Sacky) who is 14 years old. Ironically, both cats are about the same size. I brought home a new cat so that Sake would have someone to play with and snuggle with since I'm not home that much. Sake adjusted very well to Cosmo's presence with only minimal hissing in the beginning. The problem I'm having is that Cosmo plays very aggressively and very often jumps on Sake and latches onto him with all 4 paws. Sake took this in the beginning, but is now getting annoyed with it meowing and running away. I feel like Sake can't even walk around his house without fear of being jumped (he's always looking over his shoulder). I'm not sure if I should give this some more time to work itself out or if i should find a new home for Cosmo. Any advice?
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Can you get another kitten?
My kitten is very hyper but she has my younger cats to wrestle with.
Most cats that old hate kittens bugging them.
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
Can you get another kitten?
A kitten has far too much energy for a 14 year old, if you had another kitten they would play with each other and leave Sake alone.
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I have a 16.10 year old cat and Cleo will try to bother her sometimes but she mostly plays with Sasha my 2.5 year old and Oreo my 1.5 year old.
I got Oreo to play ith Sasha because she would bother my older cats and it has worked out well.
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I can't get a new kitten because my dad had a fit when I brought home Cosmo. Hopefully sometime next year I'll be able to move out and if thi sproblem still exists I can get another one. Any other tips?
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get a free standing toy for the baby to play with and tire him out then sake will be happy but just get the baby tired out it will help alot
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I've been dealing with some "personality issues" between two of my three cats, and I've been spending time every day playing with the aggressors and it's made a lot of difference. They take their energies out on the toys instead of each other. It's definitely worth a try!
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Thanks for all your advice guys!!!! I feel much better. I even switched the "timeout" room from the basement (which has lot of fun stuff for kitty to do in it) to the bathroom. I've been keeping him in there for about 2-3 minutes after each aggression. hopefully I'll be able to give Sake a break.

At least both cats get along for the most part. they will even sleep next to each other if I'm also on the bed with them. And when its food time, Cosmo doesn't care about anything else. And they both sit in the window together smelling the fresh air. If I can get them through this little "bumpy patch", I may actually have a happy cat family YEAH!!!!

I'll keep you posted on their progress!
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Sounds like Cosmo is just a bit to much energy for Sake. The fact that they are sleeping together and sharing calm time together is great! I would have daily interactive play with Cosmo, try to drain some of that excess energy so he doesn't take it out on Sake.....
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Well, so far its going surprisingly well. I've been exercising Cosmo twice a day and he has only been in time out a few times today and Sake seems more comfortable. He even spent about 5 minutes licking Cosmo's face today. That was a first!
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It takes a lot of patience and time but most of the time things to quiet down and they all learn to adapt to each other. I'm glad to hear that things are going a little better. Hang in there.
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