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Just saw X-2

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So much better than the first one! The mutants the new ones were quite clever. I jumped three times in my seat as it was quite scary in parts. I won't give any of it away, but if you haven't seen it yet- GO FOR IT! We also got tickets for Matrix 2 that opens on the 15th. Hope it is just as good as the first one as well.
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We saw it the other night as well, it was awesome! Excellent storyline, and it is so well cast!
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I want to go see it, hopefully tomorrow night with Alex, since it's his night off!
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I thought it was great as well. I think that's going to be one movie I'm going to want to own.

And I can't wait for the Matrix Reloaded either!
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Yes, we just preordered the Matrix Reloaded tickets last night. Can't wait! There are a lot of good movies coming out this year. The 2 Matrix movies, Return of the King, X2 for certain. Others that look good are Sinbad, Finding Nemo, The Hulk, Terminator 3, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen...
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I saw the trailer for "The Italian Job" while waiting to see X-Men 2, and I thought it looked good as well... at least to me.
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Yep that one looked good as did The League of Extraordinary Gentleman. I hated sitting through the commercials though- that burned me. Movie trailers are one thing, but commercials I can see on television playing in the movie theater- sucks!
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I agree wholeheartedly about the commercials. There is no place for them at a movie theater. Let them stay on TV!
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I have never heard of this..
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I'm looking forward to the second Matrix, couldn't sleep a few nights ago and I saw a review of it, the action sequences looked like a ballet using this slo-mo stuff.

I don't usually go for Hollywood-blockbuster-type films, but might make an exception in this case.

I know NOTHING about X-2, sorry. I will now go and check on the web to find out what it's all about!!!!
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I'm so proud it was filmed in my city!!!
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