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Going offline/Tornado warnings here

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We are having severe thunderstorms here in NW Arkansas and under a tornado watch too.It is starting to lightening alot, so pray we don't get it too bad.....see yall tomorrow!
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I hope you stay safe and sound. Did hubby say how the funeral went? Just curious...
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Kathy... You and hubby and the kids and Rock and Fluff stay safe please.
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Sending some tornado-be-gone energy to you and yours...
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Oh goodness, please stay safe. I've seen all the storm warnings, it looks scary!
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Kathy, please keep you and your family safe. Sending tornado-go-away thoughts to you!
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Keep everyone safe! Sending prayers your way!
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Kathy, Please take care of yourself, DH and the kids. Those tornados are wicked right now! Kansas City got mangled and I hate to see this happening to you guys! Please post ASAP, so we all know that you are ok!
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Oh please be safe!!! Prayers going up for you and your family!!!!!!! (And your community!!)

I was going to start a thread to send up good wishes for all those affected by these terrible, terrible storms, but let's do that here!

So prayers going up for all affected in this recent spate of terrible storms. It's just been awful.

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Sending 'be safe' thoughts your way!
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Awwwww Stay Safe Kathy & Family ( Including FurrKids ) & Post when you are safe , , We love you!
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We are all ok..Thanks for all the tornado-be-gone vibes...we got lots of wind damage, but a tornado didn't touch the ground..it was in the southern part of our area where one was located but we jsut got the side effects of it...The cats were freaking out last night over all the thunder and lightening....we had them in the bathroom all prepared and everything..kids too of course..I had brought the carrier and set it in the bathroom incase the worst did happen, but thank the good Lord it didn't....the tornado warning was all over around 11:30, and after that we were under a severe thunderstorm warning...I had to take a relaxer last night(valium) to help me relax..I hate storms..they terrify me, and I get all panicky and everything......
again, thanks for all the good vibes cuz they worked..
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Phew mate! Isn't Valium the best when you're very shaky and panicky!
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Oh I'm so glad you're OK!!!! I hope the rest of your community is safe, too.

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