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show me your living room furniture

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Ok, so I am on the hunt for some new living room furniture...currently we have a couch and love seat made by Ashley, we purchased in 2004.

How often do you buy new furniture??

I am curious as to what everyone has

I am not rich by any means just ready for something different!!
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My furniture is Ashley also.
I will see if its still online.
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I love furniture shopping! we bought a whole loungeroom unit thing, but its still there because we havent got a place yet!
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Hubby and I are also on the lookout for new livingroom furniture. The main issues for us are that we have a small living room and we are both tall so we need larger furniture to be comfy.
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This is my Coffee Table.
We bought it 1.5 years ago.
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My living room is decorated in cat trees. There's a very tall one to the left where I was standing when I took this picture, and a 3' tall scratch post to the right of the sofa in the front of the picture.

I got my sofa, love seat and chair from Nebraska Furniture mart. A friend's dad made my coffee table and end tables.
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I've got this 2 seater leather sofa on one side of the livingroom

And the three seater is opposite under the stairs with their cat tree beside it

It's only 2 years old, but Jack's scratched it when he was a kitten, so i'm thinking of replacing it possibly next year.
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Mine is a mismatch collection. Notice the cat bed. That is no longer there. And the front of it is a bit shredded these days.

And this chair on the other side of the room.

This is the full view. Not much to look at but it works for me.
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wow, you guys have big living rooms lol....mine isnt too not in a big rush to get anything yet....just "looking"
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I would show you mine but it's covered in rugs, and throw covers all over the couch. We just got a new one with recliner. Cats are LOVING IT! lol..They don't scratch on it, it's just we try to keep things nice..and new as long as possible.
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Originally Posted by Momofmany View Post
My living room is decorated in cat trees.
So is mine I only have a futon lounge, my computer desk and tv stand. The cats have 4 trees in that room ranging from 3ft to floor-ceiling I don't like things too crowded and it's just me here so I let the cats have most of the room to run around without things in the way.
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I can't see my living room furniture - the husband covered in in blankets to protect it from cat hair

We're an ikea household. Except for the stuff I brought from my parents' house, everything's ikea.

We have this couch in idemo dark blue, this side table in birch, and a simple tv unit that I can't find on their website. We also have a number of bookshelves from assorted places.

I'd really love one of these chairs, but it wouldn't fit in our living room at present.
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We rarely buy furniture. Our sofa is 3 years old from La-Z-Boy. It looks like this one but it's green microfiber. I microfiber.

We need a stand alone chair eventually, but haven't gotten around to shopping for that. We'll probably check the Ashley Odds and Ends store before buying from Slumberland. Those are pretty much our only local choices.
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I haven't been furniture shopping in a dog's age! How fun.
I won't show you mine though as it's all built in to the trailer and wouldn't help you anyway
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Here's our couch.

It's from Sears (please ignore the mess ) and has actually held up quite well to the cats. We wanted the corner sofa so we could both stretch out but couldn't find one to fit our smaller and oddly-shaped living room, so we bought this one with the lounge-chair automan and added the throw cushions. The tables are all Ikea.

Original Photo
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This is our living room. We bought the two couches, two end tables and coffee table from a friend of my BIL's who was moving to Florida for $250 for everything!

Here is our family room. We got the sofa and chair for $350 from a place called "Just Like New" that really sells seconds from the major furniture wearhouses.

Just so you know, these pictures were taken when the furniture was moved in and BEFORE any animals made it home (well, except for Monster on the couch)!! The living couches are easy to clean, but the fabric did not hold up to kitty claws. The family room couch is very durable, but the fabric traps every stray hair in the house! So, now all our funiture is covered with throws!
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I'm too embarrassed to show you mine! We haven't got proper furniture!
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