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Cat got sick, not sure what to do next

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yesterday my cat started throwing up around 6am and done that 2 times in 30 mins. i didnt pay much attention since it was still active and playful in few hours he started being realy lethargic and apathetic and started hiding under the furniture. he refused to eat or drink since that morning. i took him to the vet, he did xrays and said he does not see anything blocking the intestines. he also took blood for filv, leukimia and pancreas tests since i also mentioned that cat started to loose weight few month ago and just before he got sick i weighted him and noticed that he lost a pound. so i might have 2 cases in one cat now and i dont know what do next. tests are getting expensive and im not sure how many i can afford. so far i have a cat that was slighly loosing weight over a period of few month but was still behaving healthy and playful and then all of a sudden he got sick, puking and loosing another pound and now refuses to eat or drink. vet gave him 200cc IV and a shot of antibiotics since he thinks it might be an infection in intestinces. any advice would be appreciated
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has the blood work come back??

Can you possibly consult another vet
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its coming back tomorrow. i tried other vets b4 but i dont rly trust them as much as i trust this vet. im just curious as to what could be casing this symptoms
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it breaks my heart seeing him lying like this. sliding in and out of sleep on my lap
i wish i could do something for him
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Lots of hugs going your way for a full recovery for your kitty. I hope he feels better soon!
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over night a big rubber band came out and he felt little better,now after i administered him his drugs he is back to lethargic state. still not eating or drinking. since the rubberband is out what else could be causing him not to eat or drink?
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The xrays showed nothing ? Wouldn't something like a big rubberband show up on an xray ? Sounds like there could be more ...I hope u called the vet back and told him what came outta your cat ? He might have some kinda blockage due to stuff he has eaten....He might need surgery to remove whatever it is causing the problem....I would be taking him back to the vets...Pls keep us posted ...poor kitty

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thank you for your response, i did brought the cat back along with the "sample", and when he checked his intestines he was able to feel another piece in there. so he did another 200cc and then an enema and that other piece also came out. he was worried if there is another piece left in the stomach since he cant really feel it due to it being behind the ribcage. once i brought him home, he ate lil chunk of chicken and then another one in an hour and now he is hibernating/recuperating next to me. i really hope he is not going to puke it out. if he is, then he will undergo the surgery tomorrow
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I hope your kitty is OK soon. That's a good sign that he is eating again.
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Oh, I have been there and done this. It is very scary! My cat ate a piece of my kid's foam toy - and it never came out or showed up on x-ray. Sounds like your kitty has gone and done the same thing.

The GOOD NEWS is that your cat tried to eat some after the enema (mine did not), and that they think they got it all. If the surgery is necessary, I hope all goes well. My cat had TWO of the same surgeries, because they missed the foam piece the first time around, but he continued to decline. Good luck to you - every one of these surgeries I have heard of has gone well.

By the way, after they did the 2nd surgery - he improved dramatically and is fine today, three years later.
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Oh my - our Elsa got really sick a few years ago when we were OUT OF THE COUNTRY...and ended up having part of her intestine taken out from eating something - Christmas tinsel, maybe?

Anyway, if they do the operation, I know it's pretty expensive, but it worked really well, and Elsa is just fine.

Praying for your kitty!
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I hope your kitty is feeling better today.....was thinking about you today....praying all is well and he is on the mend....

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I'm also Praying for your little guy, and get well
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thank you guys, he is felling much better now, eating and drinking and playing already.
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Thats great news, more Prayers for full recovery
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Wonderful....I hope he keeps going in the healthy cat direction
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