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Mine get along, but Buffy hates Molly. I can tell Molly wants to get to know Buffy, but she's been cowed into submission and averts her eyes when the Holy Buffy comes into the room. If Buffy sees any sort of behaviour from Molly that connects the two (like eye contact, a bad smell, sometimes even breathing), she'll growl. But they never get into fights, most likely because Molly's such a timid little creature who shrinks when Buffy goes up to her. Molly's a funny creature, though, because she turns into something else when food enters the picture. Like tonight, I remembered that they'd gotten some Christmas treats, so I got them out and started flinging them around, having the cats chase them. Well, Molly was perched on a chair leg at one point and Buffy hopped up alongside her. I flipped a treat towards them and it landed somewhere in the middle of them. Buffy, being a carboholic, lunges for it, but Molly reaches a paw over and starts beating Buffy in the head. Her body didn't move, but her head (looking towards Buffy) and her paw ("Bat bat bat bat bat!"). Buffy ate the treat anyways, but after I got over my laughing fit, I nicely placed a treat right in front of Molly. She's done similar things, courageous things, when food is involved. If Molly's eating and Buffy stalks over and demands the food, Molly starts growling like a beast (sometimes if I take a hand and push her away, because maybe she's digging into skinny Willow's food, she'll practically snarl at me). Molly's timid and shy until there's food. Then she's a fiesty little cow, lol. But that really has nothing to do with this thread, does it? Ooops.

But yeah, everyone gets along as long as everybody has their space. Everyone likes Willow and Willow likes everyone (I'm talking family felines; people are a whole 'nothing story with Willow). Molly likes Willow and is wary of Buffy. Buffy's the boss girl but she defers to Willow (most of the time) because Willow raised her when Buffy arrived as a 4 week old orphan. Buffy will try to boss Willow around, but she quits early and doesn't hassle Willow. Too much respect there. Buffy hates Molly, as I've already said, due to Molly arriving as an "aged" 5 month old when Buffy and Willow were 2 and 4 years old. I didn't introduce them properly (at the time, Molly was a lost girl that we were trying to find the owners for, and then later trying to find owners, period. Then we gave up and decided she wasn't going anywhere). Buffy felt challenged and she still doesn't like the intruder. In a perfect world, Buffy and Willow would live happily ever after, ALONE.

Nobody fights, unless it's in play (or Molly is in a weird mood and starts chasing Buffy around, trying to get her to play, and Buffy goes into a panic because she just doesn't know what to do about the unexpected turn of events). Occationally there won't be consent between both cats (Buffy and Willow) and you'll hear one warble and gobble, kicking up a protest (usually Willow; if Buffy doesn't feel like playing, it's simply a hiss and spit). Also a helpful hint is if grey fur (Willow's) is floating. Willow sheds feet hair soooooo easily when she's stressed. She'll shed her feet hair while play-fighting, but it doesn't float in puffs. You'll maybe see a streak on Buffy somewhere, though usually she'll have a clump stuck to the corner of her mouth.
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I put other cos of the foster cats - my two are OK about 98% of the time, they live in my bedroom through choice (door is never shut), and while they aren't close, they can be on teh same bed. Fosters are a different matter, although I had all 4 of them in one room last night, which was wonderful. I did get woken up at 5.30 by two of them fighting though - someone told me that cats respect blind/deaf cats - no one told Kizzy that. Although her attacks on other cats are much better these days, she has been known to pin a cat down just for walking downstairs, she hated him to the extent she would regularly attack the door, yet it is a room I often have fosters in and she hasn't done it with any others.
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coco and the boys get on beautifully as you can see.

but tabitha will get easily irritated by them if they try to play with her. however, she will happily tolerate them when they are tired!
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Mine all get along.
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My girls are sisters and have been together all their lives, so they get along famously. Here they are trying to share the same perch, which is only big enough for one cat..

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well, i voted 'other' - mine mostly get along ok... Cable still finds it necessary [after almost 3 years!] to remind Chip she is the queen [almost daily!] but otherwise, unless Chip is attempting to assert dominance over Pixel, they do quite well.
Chip & Firefox are great pals, Cable & Pixel seem to enjoy snuggling, & Java loves playing w/Cable & Firefox [she's not much of a cat snuggler].
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I put 'other' because my two don't always get along. There are times (rare) where they can sit within two feet of each other and not be dueling it out. Then there are the average times where if Jack looks at JoJo funny, she hisses and beats him up. But then other times Jack is the dominant one. I think JoJo wants to be left alone but Jack wants to play all the stinkin' time... while she doesn't. I can't get another cat (I would in a heartbeat) due to apartment rules... but he needs someone to play with and wrestle with.

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I've grown up with cats my whole life. At one point when I was a kid, we had 6 cats & I loved it but they each did their own thing, never really fought. Well I take that back, the veterans would beat on the newbies but eventually that got old & they ignored each have 2 cats now, ginger & pepe, pepe is only 4 mths old, ginger is 9 & let me just say they fought for a good month before ginger finally realized pepe wasn't going anywhere! They are both females & get along for the most part now but still fight every now & than.
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Samba and Tubee get along and Root and Tubee get along, but Samba and Root do not get along. I think it was because of bad introductions between Samba and Root.

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Mine all get along really great. Pixie tries to act like she's in charge but actually Sassy is. Sassy being the oldest at 16 is sort of like the older sibling who keeps everyone out of trouble. Pixie and Linus like to play together and tear around but Pixie is like 3 times bigger then Linus and does get a little rough with him. At this point Sassy will step in and chase Pixie. He isn't trying to hurt her or even catch her for that matter it's a more of "That's enough out of you missy" stance.
Linus of course can be a bit of a brat and does torment the other two but not in a mean way he just like to see what he can get away with.
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There are those moments when two will get into a loud argument but friends also disagree once in a while, right? My crew of 11 are okay with each other.
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Mine all get along for the most part, play fighting mostly. Pepino jumps on all of them except Sophia but he just wants to play Mario and Sev ignore each other completely, because Mario wants to be the boss but Sev is but they don't ever fight.
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None of mine fight but Toby would be very happy if Coco would suddenly disappear. He isn't aggressive though so doesn't really do anything about it. I think Coco knows this because she seems to like to push his buttons. She'll stand in front of him and give him what I call "The Evil Eye". He'll start to growl, Coco will make a few false starts at him. Toby eventually runs away screaming with Coco chasing him. But Coco never tries to catch him. She just chases him for a short distance then stops and struts around with her back arched like she's saying "I'm bad! I'm bad!". Coco really doesn't seem to dislike him though. Sometimes she tries to groom him. That doesn't go over very well with him though. I think she just thinks it's fun to make him run away.

This is one of the reasons I think adopting adults cats is preferable. If you adopt one that has been with a foster in a house with other cats, you can know in advance if they are aggressive. Of course you also have to know that any cats you already have are not aggressive either.

I know a lot of people in these forums don't have the luxury of choosing their cats though. The cats choose them.
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I selected 'other'. Ours get along for the most part, at different levels. Mr. Underfoot & Oreo are buddies and play together frequently. Mr. & Sylvestra are siblings and will sleep together and groom each other, but then sometimes they'll pick on each other too. Felixia would really rather be an only cat - she tolerates the others if they don't get too close into her personal space, and slaps at them if they do. We've never had any out-and-out fights though, and have never had any injuries.
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At the moment, Lily and Star are okay with each other. We still dont let them wander about the house together but they havent attacked each other in a month or so now. I think in another month they will be able to be out together. Right now one of them always has to be in the "cage" or in a bedroom while the other one has the rest of the house.
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the 4 of mine get along well. Worm likes to pick on Kricket at times and I just have to yell at him and he stops, the most he'll do is give her a few good wacks and she crys but then it stops. Worm absolutely loves Possum, the first day home with 10 week old Possum, Worm took him in as his own baby. Worm grooms him and cuddles with him and they chase each other around. Kricket and Possum are good they kinda keep to themselves. Sloth loves everybody, hes still a kitten so he plays kinda rough but Worm and Possum give it right back to him and Kricket plays with him for so long then goes and hides. Kricket is the very independent cat of the house who does her own things and keeps the boys in check when needed. Worm, Possum & Sloth are my lil clowns but I'm sooooo happy they all get along no matter what happens.
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Rocky and Oliver are littermates and have been together since birth. Most of the time, they get along famously. Sometimes they'll growl, hiss or even swat each other, but 5 minutes later it's all forgotten.
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my 2 get on great
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My cats get along quite well. Both are males, one is 3months older than the other and the older is also neutered. They will be 2years old this year. The younger one is very energetic and doing something all the time and that annoys the older one who just wants to sit back and relax. They don't fight at all, just wrestle a bit sometimes but that's only playing.
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I put 'other' because Cleo and Maggie get along great. They often sleep together and groom each other. Lola doesn't really get along with either of them. She wants to be alpha cat, but Cleo isn't having any of it! I have twice found the three of them sleeping on my bed, within a few inches of each other. Both times I've been so shocked that I've taken a picture of it!

They don't usually fight loudly. There will occasionally be the isolated 'swat-fest', but it's usually silent. Often I will see Cleo chase Lola through the house, and down into the basement....only to be instantly followed by Lola chasing Cleo up the basement steps, and through the house. Lola will sometimes pick on Maggie, but that's fairly rare. She leaves her alone for the most part.
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Just wanted to add... I think Lily and Stumpy are co-queens. Stumpy tries to assert her dominance by trying to hump Lily (as was happening yesterday) rather than fighting, and Lily reacts by completely ignoring her - she looks like quite a snob
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Brandy, Shark and Arwen have never got on with each other since the day we introduced them all. Even though Shark and Arwen are sisters, they don't like being near each other....sibling rivalry I guess
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My three get along quite well. Here are Elijah Blue-eyes, Miss Anna and Furrari.

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