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Do your cats fight or get along?

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I was amazed at the number of people that all their kitties get along - especially into multiple like 5+ cats.

I have 2 kitties who live upstairs & 3 who live in the basement....and one that goes back & forth. Two of mine - one upstairs & one downstairs have put stitches in each other no matter what I try. OK - that sounded bad so I am editing this.....the downstairs kitties in the basement aren't neglected - my bedroom, the computers, etc are downstairs - I spend a lot of time downstairs.

Do all your cats get along?
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My 3 girls get along fine. Smudge is scared of Stumpy for some reason - they'll hang out, eat side by side, and play with the same toy, but if Stumpy tries to play with Smudge, she freaks out! And if Smudge has to walk past Stumpy she'll give her a wide arc

Stumpy tries to play with Lily, but Lily won't play with her She'll just lie there and ignore Stumpy while Stumpy is on her back chewing on her side... They'll also hang out happily though.

Lily and Smudge happily play together though, and wrestle and chase each other.

So essentially, they're all friends, they just won't all play together!
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I had to answer "other". Trent, Ginger and Annie get along. Mojo kinda gets along...she just plays too rough and the others don't really like it. Ophelia hates the calicos and has relegated herself to living (mostly) on top of the headboard...which isn't as bad as it sounds (it's 2'+ wide and about 10' long, so there's room for her own food, water, and litterbox and a couple beds, and she does come down when the other cats are downstairs or when Daddy is there to snuggle her).
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Mine get along fine usually. They do play very rough, and sometimes gets out of hand with one trying to bully the other but for the most part they are fine. They don't snuggle together or anything, they both prefer their own space but it is generally within a few feet of eachother
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Apparently Ophelia's are difficult to get along with Heidi! Ophelia's my real problem. I'm amazed at how aggressive Lily is towards other cats, though. I'm working with her - and she is coming around some at least.
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I'm really being totally honest, but all 15 of my cats get along surprisingly well. I have a few tiffs now and then, but those that really don't enjoy each others company have learned to avoid each other as a rule. Even when I add newbies, which I do quite frequently, I let the new guy out of the carrier and let them figure it out and almost without fail, they have fit in somewhere within a couple days

This is my theory on why this is: all my cats are incredibly people oriented, meaning that they want to be by me and are not much for snuggling with another cat, so in order for that to happen, ie, everyone get lap space they must get along! I said it was just a theory

I was actually thinking about this last night when I went to bed cause I had 7 cats in bed with me and at least 3 more in the room somewhere that it was really nice how well everyone gets along I love my kitties!!!!!!
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I had to put other because the relationships among mine are so complex. Katie, the oldest, essentially gets along with everybody, although that's probably because they've learned not to mess with her over the years. Gracie really loves Katie, but that's because Katie was there first. She grooms Katie and tries snuggling with her, which Katie tolerates most of the time. Katie is also rather fond of Peter, despite an 11-year-age difference. There are usually several daily skimishes between Gracie, Peter and Claire, which generally result in some pretty loud, downright scary noises (hissing, growling and snorting) coming from Gracie when one of the younger two tries playing chase with her. I generally just ignore them because Gracie gets over things pretty quick. Sometimes it seems like she's egging Pete and Claire on and she actually co-exists pretty peacefully with them most of the time, doesn't hide or mind being close to them. As littermates, Pete and Claire are the closest of my crew. They play together and snuggle often. Claire especially likes to groom her brother. As close as they are, though, Pete sometimes gets on Claire's nerves with his playfulness and is rewarded with a hiss and bop on the head.
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My two are best friends. They snuggle, groom, play and eat together, I have never seen them fight or even get sick of one another. I have broken them up when they were playing when I thought they were being too rough, but never anything aggressive.

When my RB cat Libbi was alive, she avoided all other cats and would growl and swat at them before running away to hide from them. She never met any other cats that she liked.
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Sho and Tomas get along very well. There's occasional scuffles that aren't serious and have no winner as far as dominate cat goes.

If all goes well I'll be introducing another cat in a few days... I know Sho will accept him but Tomas will be a problem. I'm hoping for no fights.

I have two outdoor kitties that are at my in-laws for now because of their attitude problems and because I don't have a proper fence up yet for them over here. One will fight with any cat given the chance (if he thinks another cat has slighted him at all), and another who doesn't like any cat. I'd love to have MewMew inside, she'd love to be a house kitty too... but I know she would not get along with Tomas.
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I put other because mine tolerate each other only. They don't play or cuddle or anything, but they don't really fight either. The little one will occasionally try to attack the older one, but it's just a quick bat and a hiss then she's done.
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Mine get along great. Dorabella finally accepts Snoball and made her a snuggle buddy. BUT at night, for the last two nights, in 'play' Snoball makes the most awful sounds. I think Dorabella is going for blood. I don't mind but I am just glad we don't have neighbors right now

Everytime I tap my bed or turn the lights on, they stop, look at me like I'm nuts and just sit there. When I attempt to go back to bed the ruckus starts again... I love 'em, no matter what, they are all respectful enough to have GREAT food and litterbox manners.

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I put other because the dynamic changes from time to time. All of mine have their good friends in the household, where they will snuggle, groom and play with each other. Then there are some that do their best to avoid certain other cats. And nobody really understands Koko, who like Heidi's Mojo, tends to play so hard that she scares the others (she was orphaned and didn't learn cat manners very well).

My groupings are like this:

Oscar, Spanky, Pinky and Eightball hang out on top of the bed most of the day together. Koko is with them, but usually on the other side of the bed.

Scarlett is very much a people's cat, but loves to play with Spanky and sometimes Stumpy.

Spanky and Muddy cat pile each other all the time.

Muddy and Koko play together (they are litter mates).

Bob and Lucky are indoor/outdoor and really get along great. When they are in the house, they often hang out with Pinky and sometimes Spanky.

Pinky worships the ground that Stumpy walks on.

Stumpy hangs out with the dogs. He tolerates most of the cats, as he is king.

I've woken up with as many as 9 cats in bed with me. Bob rarely gets in bed so he was the missing cat.

The conflicts:
Stumpy sometimes goes after Oscar. Oscar tends to avoid rooms where Stumpy hangs out.

Eightball got really threatened by Muddy when Muddy started to have his FLUTD issues. I give Eightball calming meds to help him chill out. They groom each other when the 2 of them are in my lap, but Muddy gives him the evil eye.

Not everyone understands Lucky. He was an 18 month old feral when I started to let him inside and he doesn't spend enough time in the house to make allies of everyone. He is also my largest cat, so I suspect there is more tension between he and Stumpy than they let on to me.

But I've never once had an all out cat fight and have never found clumps of fur from a spat between any of them.
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Some get along real well and some fight alot. If only they could all just get along
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Other ... 3 out of 5 get along great ... Zoey , Dahlia and Sylvester or Sylvester , Pj and Punky ... Dahlia is fine with the boys but quickly goes and lays down

Zoey and Sylvie great bond

Sylvie and Dahlia " having a love affair"

Zoey and Dahlia well are now sleeping together so making fast friends

Zoey and Punky oh it is the slow one

Zoey and Pj would make me a happy mom but PJ humped her a few times and now she hides( sometimes in the middle of the room from him)

Pj and Punky love each other as well they are litter mate s
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Originally Posted by AlleyGirl View Post
Mine get along fine usually. They do play very rough, and sometimes gets out of hand with one trying to bully the other but for the most part they are fine. They don't snuggle together or anything, they both prefer their own space but it is generally within a few feet of eachother
Sounds like my two. There is the occasional outburst of chase and play but it doesn't last very long. And the only time they have sat together is when neither one would give up the chair cushion.
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Mine both fight and get along. Forest can be a bit of a bully, especially when it comes to "his" floor...so sometimes he chases poor Tailer around and tries to fight with him. Forest has cerebellar hyperplasia, though, so his balance isn't so hot and it's usually fairly easy for Tailer to evade him. I do find them cuddled up together sometimes, too, though.
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Yes mine do, although Sophie only wants to play on her terms

I'm going to get a bigger dog bed than what they have, because then the 3 of them can snuggle in it instead of just the 2
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Mine are all girls and get along.
Coco is very good friends with Meeko.
This is Coco,Sasha and Oreo Cookie Monster together.

This is Coco,Meeko and Sasha behind them.

I have been finding Cleo my new kitten sleeping with Coco and Meeko.
No one even hissed or growled when they met.
Sasha and Oreo both tried to nurse off Coco when I got them.
Thank God Cleo never tried it.
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Awwwww look at them

Poor Jack's just tried to get into the bed with Rosie and Sophie again, but theres no room at the inn

Good job he's got his mum to snuggle with until i get them a bigger bed
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Mine are best buddies. They occasionally get a little too rough so I keep thier nails cut. I think there has only been 1-2 minor tiffs in two years.
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I need a bigger bed also.
All 4 tried to get in it before Cleo came.
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All of mine get along for the most part, with the exception of Salem & Gabriel. Those two can't even walk by each other w/o hissing at each other. But Salem doesn't like anyone - not even her own kittens (but she was a really good momma to them - go figure! ). Gabriel isn't very buddy-buddy with the others, either - except for Maverick & Winchester. He absolutely hates Geronimo, but I don't blame him: Geronimo used to be such a bully towards Gabriel when we first got him. He's tamed down quite a bit now, but Gabriel hasn't forgotten. He spits at Geronimo every time he walks by, which usually results in a fight.
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My four kitties seem to get along quite well. Although some combinations are more common than others, they'll all lie together, or at the very least lie on the same chair. Occasionally, there's a swat or two of a paw exchanged, but it's generally just a playful teasing thing.
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four of my five kitties are siblings they are six months old and the older cat is slowly warming up to them, but gives them heck a lot...but doesn't hurt them.
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Mine get along and spend most of their time together
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Believe it or not, all mine get along
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My six basically get along well together. Shareena and Miss Patchwillow are sisters that I got six weeks apart. After the first day and a half of determining who is alpha cat, they've been best friends. Shareena thinks Goldy's three kittens are her babies. She's okay with Goldy, too, but mostly ignores her. Miss Patchwillow and Goldy have an occasional staredown/growling contest, but they never touch each other. The kittens love everybody.
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Mine get along for the most part.

The 'hissy' fits are usually between the two girls (Kuce and Lil' Jag) with LJ being the aggressor (You wouldn' know that Kuce helped to raise LJ). Then it's up to our boy Luvbug to put LJ back in her place (He's kind of the peacemaker between the girls).

When Sphinx was alive there wasn't a problem between him, Kuce and Luvbug.
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Dang! If Ophelia wasn't the cat from maybe I could have peace!
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We lost our oldest girl on November 19 (R.I.P. Cally, our beautiful black), so now we only have 2 cats taking over our house and sharing their furs with us (in our coffee, in our supper/lunch/breakfast, in our shower/bath, in our bed, in our clothes, in our toothbrush bristles....).

Cage, our 5 y/o neutered DSH boy (aka "The Pinto"), is The Diplomat, and always has been. I fostered adults & kittens for years, and he has always been the peacemaker, the trust-gainer, and the friend to all.

Cruz, our 4 y/o spayed Snowshoe Siamese girl (aka "The Meezer") shows a typical female attitude to newcomers but slowly accepts everyone on her own terms.

The two of them together make one sweet furry pile of love 99% of the time. They are VERY bonded, and more often than not, are found in the same room, in the same bed, in the same cat tree, on the same shelf, etc. Grooming one another in bliss is a very common sight (especially those long-lasting and ever-enjoyable "Ear Jobs" that almost drive me to get up and find some Q-Tips because my own ears feel violated just watching it, haha). Occasionally the two furballs have a scuffle (typically Cage getting too rough, or turning a playfight into an unneccessary Humping Sesson) but I clap my hands and scold them and they break it up, usually. Once or twice, I have actually found clumps of hair from a more serious scuffle, but even those are very short-lived, and I don't worry about them.
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