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Daily Thread Monday Dec 29th!

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Morning peeps!

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas!! Mine started with a terrible snowstorm that I thought mine end our lives...but Josh took us through it safely and we are fine.

My sister pulled some family drama crap the last day were there so now I am battling answering her nasty guilt trip emails. And to think I was going to ask her to be my maid of honour and thank god I didn't. She is wacked.

My best friend had a baby girl yesterday We went to see her last night and she was just adorable and sweet. I held her for like 15 minutes, and what a little doll.

Heading back to work today, and unfortunately after all those days off I will be SLAMMED today. Not looking forward to it.

Anyway,. off to the shower all have a good one!
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I am not looking forward to going to work today or tomorrow. Lucky for me it is only a two day work week, but I am still rather paranoid feeling after being sent home last tuesday for passing out twice. I don't want to face the guys but I guess I have to do it sometime

Other than that, not a whole lot planned.

Have a good day everyone
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It's 1.37AM here and I was going to give myself until 2.00AM on the computer but I might give myself some extra time because I'm not tired.

I finished work at 11pm and have just been doing litter trays, feeding kittens etc.

When I wake up at 8AM I will be going over to my Nana's and we're going up to Foxton (1.5 hours away) for the day to visit my Dad.

Not sure what I'll do in the afternoon/evening might have dinner and watch a DVD.

Have a great day folks!
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It's Monday...a little after 8am...trying to make a doctor's appt for DH but they still haven't turned their phones back on from the answering's annoying...I want to go back to sleep. I actually have the whole week off--joys of being a teacher I had all of last week off too! My little sister is still visiting us. We will visit some family today and do a little more shopping to spend our gift cards. I introduced 90210 to her (Allyson, my little sister) and now she is addicted. We have all of it recorded...and she wants to finish the last 7 episodes before going home today...yikes! Everyone have a great day!!!
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Morning All!!

Well I survived yesterdays wind storm and things are looking quite pleasant out there today. It's only -5 and I even see some blue sky here and there.

Have a few errands to run today, plus I want to stop by and see my Aunt for a bit. I was going to go yesterday but decided against going outside.

Guess there are still several outlying areas with no power yet, and still quite a lot of clean-up to be done, I noticed several utility trucks going by this morning with debris in the back.

The kitties are having treats right now, they were being brats this morning and woke me up at 5A.M. with there version of the kitty Olympics.

Everyone have a good day.
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Supposed to be sunny and 70 degrees here today!

First get caught up here, then it's shelter day, a nap, and then report for work at 6 pm for a trip to Hattiesburg, MS. After that I'm off until Friday afternoon.
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I have 45 minutes before i leave for work. It's windy and rainy outside, and only 41F. Which isn't bad.

I stayed up late last night to try making my first tunic with this pattern I have... it's one piece, so I finished it, pulled it on... yeah... I'm a little heavier than the ideal from the book this pattern came from. So, if I can, before leaving for work, I'll add some side panels to it... I think there's enough fabric left over!

I'll work until 5 and then come home... unless it's dead, sales wise, then I might get to leave early... either way is fine with me!

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I am sick with a head cold. I spent the last 2 days in bed. Today I just can't breath.
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Hrm well, the day after i went to my uni interview, i couldn't walk. My hip decided to give in, it hasn't happened like that before so i've been out of my mind. It's been three weeks, and only over the last week have i decided to take over the counter painkillers so i could actually get out of the house, only once a day, and the last couple of days thankfully i didn't take any. I'm freaking out because frankly i don't have the money and the nerve to go to a hospital for xrays. But this morning, only a tiny bit of pain and i'm going to head out to see what kind of end of year sales are on.

Tomorrow i head over to Tristans and have a nice meal, and we're going to climb up the hill behind his house, settle down in some nice chairs and watch the fireworks from the local primary school which should be nice.

Oh and waiting for a family friend to pop over some time this week to show off his brand spanking new motorbike
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