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Can anyone tell me where that site was?

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During the past week or so I read about a site on one of these threads. I read so many, I can't remember where to look. This thread was discussing UTI's, I believe, and gave a link to a site where every cat food imaginable was listed, with fat contents, ash contents, etc.

My aunt has a cat with UTI problems (as do I) and I told her I'd get this info for her, if I could.

Does this ring a bell with anyone? Yes, I know, I should have printed it when I first saw it, but my allotted three minutes daily computer time was up (I have a 16, 13 & 10 year old - need I say more?)

If anyone remembers - please let me know!
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I am a member there.
Here is the link.
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Originally Posted by optionken View Post
I love that group of charts .. Just wish the food companies were more forthcoming on the "as fed" and would update the numbers regularly ...
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Thanks for sharing this info.
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THANK YOU mews2much, optionken, and sharky! I love this site; you guys are so responsive, helpful, and understanding.
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Your Welcome
Anytime you need help just ask.
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Here are two more really informative food links. These are especially good for cats with renal failure. I use them all the time for my girls.

Canned Food:

Dry Food:

Here's another link that you might find helpful.
I believe you might already have been given this link, but just in case:
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