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Heart Cats

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I haven't posted in a long time.

Tell me about your heart cats.

Harriet is dying. She has cancer and she's my heart cat. I knew it the instant I adopted her but now, with her death looming over my head I am daily reminded that she will not be in my life forever.

I love my dogs and I will be devestated when they die but I can imagine life without them, but thinking about a Harriet-free life just breaks my heart into a million little pieces.

When I look in her eyes and pick up her warm body I just feel this connection and I know that in this great universe that she was meant to be mine. It hurts that it took so long for her to get to me, and that she won't get to be me with me for long but those 4 years are like an eternity of love. Maybe this is "if you love it, set it free" things where her beautiful soul will come back to me when I need her again in the future.

I don't know, but I feel so incredibly lucky to have such a special connection with her--I just wish she wasn't going so soon.

Thanks for listening... I'd love to hear about your heart cats.
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I'm very sorry to hear about Harriet.
My heart cat, or as I call her, my soul mate cat, is Smudge. I can not even talk about losing her, or even type about it, without getting teary-eyed...oh there it goes....
She is the most special animal on the face of the planet to me, no cat will ever take her place, and I will need to be sedated when she leaves me someday. I do not know how I could cope with that, and I don't ever want to. She is already 10 so I know that any time with her is precious and it could be any day. Even though she is not sick (that I know of) you know how animals can be fine one day and not the next. It is something I think of every day, and I thank God or every day I have with her. I love all my animals but she holds, and will always hold my heart.
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I'm sorry to sound so stupid, but what is a heart cat?

If you mean a kitty that you know is your perfect match and is like a child to you, then that would be Charlie, though his health is pretty much perfect. I couldn't imagine my life without him. He turns 10 when i turn 25 in Feb, and he is still a kitten in alot of ways. I absolutely hate the idea of him turning into an old, frail and pained kitty =( like i've gone through with many others

I am sorry to hear about your fur baby.
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My current heart kitty would have to be my Latifah...she is very young yet, so hopefully she will live a long happy, healthy life; I can't imagine my kitty life being complete with out her; and we weren't originally going to keep her either...She is totally 'one of a kind'...she plays in the water bucket, loves for you to turn on the tub faucet for her to play in (she doesn't drink it, just plays in it!), she loves car rides, and it doesn't matter where you take her, she will settle in like she owns the place! She's a momma's girl too...follows me around a lot more than daddy, sleeps with me at night, curls up on the couch next to me...and just kind of snubs dad "most of the time".

My last heart kitty was Jade, who I lost a year ago in November; he was only 3 years old (possibly older, but not much) and was a gorgeous Balinese boy... He had acquired FIP probably before I got him earlier in that year, but never showed symptoms until later in the year. He was a total 'mommas' boy, and would meow for me when I was gone for a long period of time...drove hubby nuts because he was the one who had to listen to it...but he did realize that cats really did 'have hearts' and would bond with a certain human, just like a dog. Jade was one of a kind.
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I am very close with Coco and she has Crf now.
I hate that she is 16.10 years old now.
I was very close to Patches,Stripe and frisky and thought I could never love another cat as much as them.
Coco I do love as much as them. Stripe was a feral we saved.
Frisky was my first cat and was only 1 when he died from male blockage.
Patches I saw being born and picked her to keep the day she was born.
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I'm so sorry to hear about Harriet

My heart cat was Wukong, who died at a tender age of 11 months from FIP He and I shared a bond, despite not having spent that much time together - not even a year. He was special, so very close to me. It seemed he understood every word I said. I was the only one he would come to when he was in pain or frightened.

I remember a time he fell out a window from the fourth storey. It was a terrible accident, luckily he survived without any injuries at all, but oh was he scared after that. He wasn't staying with me when that accident occurred, I had to leave him and Cassie (his mother) with a friend for a while when my parents came back to Singapore.

After the fall and the vet visits, he had refused to come out from under the bed until I came by to visit him (which I did every single day). Then he would slowly belly crawl out from under the bed, climb into the crook of my legs (while I sat on the floor cross-legged) and just lie there quietly. Eventually he got over his trauma, thankfully, and resumed being the lovely, active little boy that he was.

He's my handsome heart cat, no other cat can replace him.
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My first cat was Angel, she as the first pet I had when I moved out on my own. She was an indoor/outdoor cat, and one day she never came home. It completely broke my heart, I cried for over a year. Just the smallest thing would set off the tears all over again. I was a mess. I never found out if she had been killed somehow, stolen, or simply got lost. She was my First Heart Cat.

Ever since, I have been a strictly INDOORs Mommy, my babies do NOT go outsde unless they are closely monitored AND on harness/leash. I am very protective & far more responsible since Angel went missing.

My Second Heart Cat was Cally, my beautiful sweet black. I said a very tearful goodbye to my Cal-Cal on November 19 of this year (kidney failure).

Nowadays, I have my Pinto boy Cage and my sweet Meezer Cruz; both are my current Heart Cats. I bond very strongly with all my animals, none is better or more important than any other, all are immensely special to me in different ways (this includes the horses when I owned them years ago, too).

They are ALL my Heart Cats.
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Not entirely sure what is meant by a "heart cat"...I'm assuming it's a kitty you've bonded with.

I was raised in the country, and we always had barn cats... no indoor kitties. I loved them yes, but was not hugely attached to them.

I got Gysmo when I first moved into my own apt at 16.5yrs old. He was a barn kitten from one of my mom's friends. He was strictly indoors, except when he got out and ran away for a week.

Love at first sight. I've had alot of roughness in my life, but that kitty was with me through all of it.... I loved him soooo much. I would talk to him about EVERYTHING... he was an awesome kitty. He was so supportive when I became pregnant at 18....he would console me He turned into a big fluffy cat, who loved my daughter.... as an infant, she would crawl on him, literally be on top of him and he would purr and lick her head. Gysmo didn't have an aggressive bone in his body. Daught #2 at 23, same thing.... Gysmo would put up with everything my daughters could dish out. (I made sure they didn't hurt him).

We had to have him euthanised when he was 9 Broke my heart, my one daughters heart. (my youngest daughter was too young to be as emotionally attached)

I will have to get my photos of him scanned... He was an awesome kitty. The emotional bond was soooo strong... I still miss him dearly.

Kitty #2: I fostered a pregnant kitty when Gysmo was 3 or 4. She was a sweetie, but I did not get emotionally attached to her because I was just fostering her. I cared about her, but didn't love her. She was only with me for about 4mos. She did end up in a good home, as did her 6 lil kitties. Her kittens helped me get my daughter off the bottle LOL. The kittens would EAT the nipples off the bottles LOL... One day when my daughter was about 1yr old, I went to feed her her only bottle of the day at bedtime, and there were NO nipples. I told her that, and she was fine. Easiest bottle weaning ever. Same situation shortly after with her souther. The kittens ate them too. Again, easiest sother weaning too LOL.

Kitty # 3... Kizzy, who I've had for 3wks. Instant heart tug when I saw his pics. I don't have near the emotional bond as I did with Gysmo, but I'm sure it will come I know it will. I'm still going through alot, and he calms me sooooo much when he curls up in my lap, and purrs as I pet him. He's even licked the tears off of my face a couple times.

Yup, I love my kitties.
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I'd say a "heart kitty" is a cat with whom you've bonded over and above the love we hold for all our companion animals. It's one whose whose eyes melt your heart, whose purr fills your world, whose death takes your breath away. Not all cats can or will become heart kitties and even in a house-full of cats, there might not be a heart-kitty.

Allen, the cat in my siggy, is the only heart-kitty I've ever had. It is because of him that I even have cats. Love for him just fills me up when I look at him, but I'm unable to explain what it is about him that makes me feel that way. And he adores me and tells me so all the time. When he passes..., well, in truth, it's not something I can even talk about.

Fats McGee, I'm so very sorry to hear about Harriet. Please know you are not alone. Come here as often as you need to; we'll be here for you.
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So sorry to hear about your Harriet! I think we can all relate.

The kitty of my heart is my Callie. She came into my life when I wasn't a cat lover. She's my first cat, and the only pet I've had that I've truly felt "knew" me. She's just the light of my life. I can't write about her without getting teary-eyed. She's about 12 or 13 now, has kidney problems, and I know my time with her is limited, so I treasure every moment with her.

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i don't feel up to posting a new response... so here's the tribute to my girl, Mouse [the anniversary of her loss was 2 days ago, 12/28]...
i need to write a tribute, which i've been putting off because i find it so hard to type thru tears. also, i usually access the site from work, & if people come by & see me, they would ask why i'm upset. anyway...
i still miss you, my darling, even after 3 months. i miss the way you'd wait for me to get settled on the bed at night - i would say "i'm ready, Mouse" & you'd come over for your nightly love session. i miss the way you'd curl up next to me asi fell asleep. i miss your soft, soft fur - the softest i've ever felt on a cat. i'm glad you're strong & happy, playing with Medley, whom you never knew here on earth. stay sweet & happy, & i'll see you later, i promise.
her thread is here: My sweet Mouse

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I'm so sorry to hear about your kitty. I know how you're feeling, b/c my Maverick is my heart kitty, and he's on medication now for his liver. I know my time with him may be limited, and I'm cherishing every moment with him. I love him more than words can say: we have a special bond between us I don't even like thinking about it, b/c I know I'll be devastated when his time comes. He goes in next week for a retest to check his liver enzymes..

Before Maverick came into my life & heart, Damian & Foxy were my special heart kitties. I grieved for a looooong time after I lost them.

I have two other very special heart kitties now too - Geronimo & Jinxy. It's a different kind of love for them than Maverick, but it's also a special kind of heart love. Their presence will help to some degree when Maverick's gone, but it won't be quite the same thing. Some cats just can't find that very special place in our hearts like our heart kitties do.
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I am so sorry about Harriet, I love seeing her pics and her big fluffy tummy
My heart cat is/was Bella but I can't write about her right now, it's too much
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Hugs to everyone who has posted on this thread. My first heart cat was Ginger, and I always knew that his passing was going to be hard, and it really was, I even went through a short period of hating my other cat for still being here, and he wasn't - he went very unexpectedly, there was no time to get used to him not being here. I will never be fully over him.

At the moment, there is Molly, although she had a bad do with her arthritis a few months ago, and it brought home that she is 16, and who knows how long she has, I keep telling her she isn't allowed to leave me, as again, her passing will be very hard on me. I had adopted her shortly before losing Ginger, so she was there for me through his loss, i just hope I can be lucky enough to bond with another one before I lose her, as I don't know how I will cope ohterwise.

It really is amazing how many cats you can own and how few will really dig their way into your heart.
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My heart kitty is Stanley. From the time we saw the pictures of him on petfinder, DH knew we had to bring him into our house & our lives. I knew as soon as I held that stinky, sneezy little ragamuffin that he was the kitty love of my life.

Not that I don't love Bella, I do, but when Stan looks at me with his big green eyes, or hops up in my lap and head butts me when I'm sad, I just feel an overwhelming love. He is the most gentle soul I have ever known. He's between 2-3 now and I hope he lives to 25--I can't think of it any other way.
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Tailer is definitely our heart cat...for both DH and I. DH found him when he was just a few weeks old and rescued him from being put down by animal control in literally moments. He actually snatched him out of the cage and took off with him. (Is there any question why I love this man?)

He's been with us for most of his whole life. If we're home he has to be with us. He hates it when we're in different rooms. He's slept with us every night since the night he came home. He knows our moods...he gets terribly upset when DH and I argue...he snuggles us when we need a friend. He was there beside me and DH every moment of my health crisis earlier this year helping to comfort me when I got stressed out.

Tailer's 12 years old. I can't even think about him dying one day. I know it will come, but it will devistate both DH and I. I'm actually crying now just thinking about it.

We adore Forest, and loved Harvey with all our hearts. But there's something extra special about Tailer.
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There is no doubt that Tucson was my heart cat. Tucson was everything to me, and he would listen to everything I said, and I knew he understood. I was his, and he was mine. The eight years that he was with us were not enough. I don't talk about him very often, because it's still there .... The pain of him dying, the loss. It's still too much, even after three years.

As much as I love Quill (and he is now my heart cat), there will never be another cat like Tucson. Quill has a big heart, and somehow I think Tucson chose him for me because he knew that.
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first i want to say im so sorry to hear about your harriet, i cannot even imagine what you are going through.

now i will share my heart cat story, and i will prob be in near tears by the end of this, my heart cat is my 13 yr old sabastian. when i was 18 i was getting my very first apartment, and the lady was showing me the apartment and there was a tiny fluffly black and white kitty in the lobby, i instantly fell in love, well it was the downstairs girls cat. well the funny thing is everytime she would open her door, sabastian would come upstairs to visit me, and i would let him hang with me until she came up for him. so finally when it was time for her to move she asked me if i wanted to keep sabastian since he liked me better anyways. i was thrilled!!! me and sabastian had a special connection since the first time we met, i dont know how to describe it. hes been with me ever since then, since i was 18, hes been through alot of moves with me, and in general hes always been there for me. never once did i ever think about what if i couldnt find an apartment that wouldnt take him? that just wasnt going to be an option, so i always made sure i found one that did accept him. i love him so much...and hes had alot of problems and surgeries in the past few years and im so afraid of losing him. i hope and pray i will at least have him for a few more years.

the other thing is hes def marks (bf) heart cat too, mark fell in love with him instantly and he gets very emotional as well when bastian gets sick. when i get up to leave for work bastian is instantly in my spot cuddling with his daddy! mark calls bastian his son.

i honestly dont know what we are going to do when we lose him, i know its going to rip my heart in pieces
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