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UPDATE on CHIP and NEED some suggestions

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Took Chip (2 yr old male neutered with a UTI) to a different vet. They put him on different meds (Clavomax) and gave us Science Diet S/D to feed him (instead of C/D which the other vet gave.) Well, he is still stuck in the bathroom and peeing blood and out of the litter box half the time. I am now having to go in and force him to drink water ever couple hours because he refuses to eat or drink. I don't know how to get him to eat. I have tried mixing the food with broth, mixing with the C/D food, and mixing with wet food we had from before. NOTHING is seeming to work. He has picked at his food the past two days. How else can I get him to eat? Thank you for your help....
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It sounds like you might have to start syringe feeding your baby if he doesn't start eating on his own. You'll need to get a syringe from the vet or drug store and you need to mix wet food (you can use the reccomended science diet in the wet form) mixed with some warm water. To syringe feed you have to be slow and gentle. I found aiming the syringe at the top of my cats mouth worked well so you don't aspirate. I also only fed 1mL per minute/10 mL per feeding. This will help get fluids into your kitty as well.

However if you think there is a chance he will still eat on his own just try making hte food more 'appetizing'. Heat up the wet food slightly so it is more aromatic. I wouldn't use any fish, but you can try adding some meat like chicken or beef warm, again to entice him with the smells. Baby food (without fish or garlic) is very smelly and adding some of this to his food may further entice him to eat.

Good luck! UTI's are hard and it may take a couple weeks to clearup completely. Make sure to get his urine rechecked as soon as you finish the antibiotics incase he needs a second course.
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It may be the clavamox.
My Coco got sick on it and would not eat.
Some antibiotics makes them not ant to eat.
Did they check for crstals?
I do not like how he is peeing all the blood.
S/D is to disolve struvite bladder stones and crystals.
C/D just prevents them.
Coco has s/d for bladder stones and it worked. I am reading your post in the other group right now.
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I had a shelter director and cat rescuer tell me this week about a product called "Rebound Feline Liquid Diet". She said she never had a sick cat not eat some. The company has it on back order in most places I looked.

Take a look at some of these and maybe ask your vet if it might help.
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Thank you everyone for suggestions and ideas as to what is causing him not to eat. Now that I think about it it is probably the medicine because he will pick at his food like he wants it but it is like it doesn't seem appealing to him enough to eat. I am going to try the meat in food first before I try forcing food. Thank you again I hope this is over soon and I know he does too.
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You can always ask the vet if you can try another antibiotic.
Has he ever threw uo from the clavamox?
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He hasn't thrown up and I heated up his food this morning and he seem to be willing to eat more of it, but he doesn't seem to be getting better. He is still using the bathroom outside the litter box and there is still blood in it and what looks like pure blood drops. He has 3 more days of meds and If that doesn't work I will have to think about our next step.
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Has he had a ultrasound?
They show alot.
My friends cat kept having blood and it was bladder cancer.
She is a member here and her cat is dying.
He had surgery and chemo but its back.
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My Wheezer gets UTI's, he was bleeding very badly and they had to flush his bladder out and had a long session with antibiotics. Chip doesn't sound quite as bad a Wheezer had it, he might just need a change of antibiotic. Good luck. Wheezer is not a water drinker so what I have to do is I put tablespoons of water in with his wet food.
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Can I give him AZO Standard? He just recently begin to meow at me like he is in pain and the only thing the doc gave was antibiotic and food. I found some in the cabinet...I read NO childrens motrin so this is the only other thing I have.
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I would ask the vet for pain meds.
Coco got a pain shot and it worked well.
I would not use Azo.
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