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Glad to be back!!!!

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In case anyone noticed, I haven't been here for a week, that's the longest I haven't been online to see all you guys, and I was having major withdrawal symptoms!!

I came home from work early last friday and I was so sick, I hurt so bad all over, and I had a high fever. Over the weekend it got even worse....my fever reached 104 degrees and all I could do was just lay in bed and moan...I was in so much pain....my legs hurt, my bach hurt, my sides hurt, my kneck hurt.....my Whole body hurt!!! And I would go from freezing and being so cold my body shook and my teeth chattered, to laying there sweating to the point of being soaked, and the sheets and my pillow were wet too. YUK

I couldn't get in to see my Doctor till Tuesday, because Monday they were closed for memorial day. I had even called the hospital and asked if there was anything They could do...but the doctor on call told me it was probably the flu, and just take ibuprofin or asprin and go to bed. (gee thanks)

Anyway...when I finally got in to see my Doctor on Tuesday....he did a bunch of tests...including bloodwork, x-rays, and a urine analysis.
It turns out I had Kidney infection. I had never had it before. I pray to God I never do again....it is much worse than the flu!!
I finally today (Thurs) felt up to getting online to see what all I have missed and how you all are doing. Forgive me if I haven't answered some of your posts...I hope noone thought I didn't care...I was just unaware, because I wasn't here!!
I feel the best today that I have since last Thurs. and I finally go back to work tomorrow.
So now I am going to try to go back and read some of the things I have missed.
Gosh I missed you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hi Debby,
Welcome back. As I am sure you have read in some of these
posts you were definitely missed.

Thank goodness you are feeling better! Kidney infection is
awful, I have a very good friend who has had it a few times, and
has been hospitalized for it. Be careful!

Welcome back
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Debby... good to have you back. I hope you recover swiftly,but don't take on too much too soon.
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Thank you both!!!! I appreciate it!
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Debby!!!!!! i didnt see this thread! i am thrilled to see you online! next time though,
make your husband come on and tell us, we all worry so much you know

i have never had a kidney infection, so i dont know how it would feel,
but i have had a flu that kept me in bed for two weeks, so, i will multiply
that experience by 10 to get an idea of where you were at - i'm sorry
you were so sick, i am so glad you are back !!!

love to you from your lil sis

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Originally posted by Debby
In case anyone noticed, I haven't been here for a week
ha! :laughing: of course we noticed!!!

we've all been worried!

so glad you are finally feeling better!
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I am glad to hear you are okay. I am sure the whole thing was awful. Did the Dr say what would have caused that? Just remember to take it slow for the next week!
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Thank you guys very much!!!!! No, the doctor didn't say what could have caused it, but when I was asking my husband the same question he replied with...
" I hear it's caused from having too many cats" (smartass)

Anyway...I feel so much better, and by the way...even if I died my hubby couldn't get online to tell you all....he knows NOTHING about the computer, he hates them, thinks they are evil...LOL
Seriously though...he has no clue how to run one, he doesn't even know how to turn it on, let alone connect to the internet or find you guys!!!
But if anything serious happens to me, my friend Shannon would know to come here and tell you all. Let's hope that isn't ever necessary!!

I you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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