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New Kitten Owner!

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Hi All,

I'm new to the world of kittens, and just brought home my first baby today. She is so sweet and affectionate! I would like to specifically know whether dry food is enough, or if I should also offered some of the canned food as well. The woman from the rescue gave me both... I wasn't quite sure what to do and I forgot to ask her.

She is 14 weeks old and black/white. She has her own room right now as I do have a dog already (8 year old Cocker Spaniel). I will post separately on how to introduce them.

Thanks! Feel free to throw in any other advice to a new kitty owner!

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dry food is a complete diet for kittens...but i found my kitten struggled with eating dry food at first. i always left dry food for her but i'd feed her some wet food twice a day.

my kitten was eating both types by 14 weeks though, so what i do for her is i leave out dry food all day, and feed her wet food once in the morning when we first wake up and in the evening when i'm home for work. that way she eats her dry food during the day if she gets hungry, and she gets to have her wet food which she lovvvvvves.

but the dry food is pretty important from what my vet told me. so if i find she's stopped eating the dry food, even though it's really hard for me to do, i'll skip putting out wet food at one of the feeding times so she'll eat the dry.
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I like a dry & wet diet mixed. IMO there should be some wet in the diet. My kitties get canned food 2x a day. You can use the search function to browse threads on food in the Health & Nutrition forum - there is TONS of advice there.

As for the dog & cat - go slowly, keep your dog on lead around kitty at first.
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My kitten gets both kinds.
I use Royal Canin kitten for dry and Natural Choice Kitten for can.
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Congratulations on your new little one. I always fed my kittens wet food twice a day in the morning and at night, and free feed dry food, because they are so active and burn up a lot of energy they are always hungry. Good luck.
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Thanks! She is a pure joy. I have noticed she seems a little more finicky about the wet food than the dry, but from what I read is that okay?
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that is more then ok if she likes dry more then wet lots of cats hate wet food my moms cats will not touch wet food but becareful high protien will make them big!!! the two my mom has whe had from they were 1 sec old we had the mom cat but she was kitten naped >.< but they would only eat high protien dry foods now they are 8 lb at 6 months old! they are hunter cats to control rabites and birds if u want a cat that can beat up the dog then protien is good but if u want a small lap cat high fiber is best but check with ur vet on foods
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I do firmly believe that all cats need at least some wet food in their contains moisture, which can help prevent bladder and kidney issues down the road, and is generally, a better option for kitties. Dry can also be a healthy and more convenient option, particularly if your kitty is left alone for part of the day.
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I prefer to feed my guys wet food, 2 of the boys are predesposed to UTI's and they are not big water drinkers so I put a couple of teaspoonfuls of water in their wet food for extra moisture.
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there is a very informative [albeit LONG] thread about what different members feed their cats here: what food do you use & why?
welcome to TCS & the wonderful, wacky world of cat ownership!
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