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Our puppy Todd..

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It's been awhile since I posted but we've had a really busy year between the kitties, kids and our new puppy
Now that the holidays are nearing an end I finally have some time to play catch
Here's our smooth coat Havanese puppy Todd. He's 7 months old now but I'm throwing in some baby pics from this Summer cuz' he's so cute I have to share.
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I've never heard of the breed so I just looked up on Wikipedia - they're gorgeous I love the fluffy ones.

I love Todd's ears and that's a gorgeous pic of him in the snow!
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Todd's a bit of an oddball for a Hav since he has the shorter coat.
It makes it WAY easier to groom though. Havanese are normally really high maintance dogs.
I loved the idea of a shorter coat and so I had to wait awhile until one became available but he was worth the wait! He's the sweetest puppy in the world (yes, I'm biased )
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He's adorable, what do the kitties think of him?
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Originally Posted by Bella713 View Post
He's adorable, what do the kitties think of him?
Tucker hid under the bed for the first week and then accepted him as a new
They chase each other around the house and wrestle all of the time.
Diesel is adjusting...he isn't thrilled with the idea of sharing HIS house with anyone. He felt the same way about Tucker when we brought him home but he is warming up to the new pup.
He lets Todd clean his ears (Todd's favorite thing) and has even started laying next to him and grooming him occasionaly.
Todd is still smaller than Diesel and so I think that he respect's his boundaries because of it. Tucker and Todd are about the same size but Todd weighs a bit more than Tuck.
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He's so cute!!
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OMG he's adorable!! He reminds me a lot of my MIL's Papallion, are the breeds related? The face, ears, tail and coloring are similar but the snout is shorter.
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Havanese are in the Bichon family and so he's related to Bichon's, Maltese, and Coton's. He does look a lot like a Papallion with floppy ears
Most people on the street think that he's a spaniel/dauchaund
Havanese are aweome dogs but between the long hair cats and three kids I wasn't sure if I could keep up with the LONG Fluffy Cottony tangles REALLY easily and so grooming would have been an every day chore.
The breeder that I decided to go with listened to my concerns and told me that there was genetic throwback occasionally where a pup was born with a shorter coat..I was thrilled and told her that I'd wait for up to two or three years to get one..luckily for me Todd was born a month later and so I didn't have to wait very long!
It was only the 4th litter that she's had with short-hairs in her 15 yrs of breeding and so I really feel that he was meant to be mine.
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Thanks for sharing the pictures he is adorable
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I feel your pain on grooming - I have a Bichon.

If you hadn't told me he was a Havanese - I never would've guessed it! I probably would've called him a spaniel/doxie too. Are all Havanese so long in the body? You notice it more on Todd due to the short hair I'm sure.
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Yep, they are all short legged and long bodied, they just have so much hair that it doesn't stand out as
He actually comes from champion lines so his conformation is awesome he just has the shorter coat which is a disqualifing factor for showing or breeding.
I have pictures that show him much better but I'll have to upload them onto photobucket before I can post...I have dial up so it may be awhile.
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That was faster than I thought it would be
These are all recent photo's 6-7 months

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Todd looks so friendly and sweet natured!
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