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Intro progress going backwards!!

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Firstly, I love this site - I had a brief introduction in Jan, but then we moved and had to get a new computer, and now I'm very happy to be back! In Jan, we introduced a neutered, healthy male kitten, Maestro, to our cautious 3-year old girl, Buster, and after a few weeks of the seperate room approach, plus lots of really helpful tips from you guys, things were going better than expected. Unfortunately, we had to move house and this place is heaps better for cats, with big yard and lots of space in the house, but things have gone down hill. Buster automatically hisses whenever she sees Maestro, she has started attacking him worse than just chasing him - this week she drew blood!! Maestro doesn't seem worried by it at all - he gets attacked and then turns around and chases his tail! They still happily eat in the same room but little Maestro is cheeky - he goes up and sniffs her tail or butt while she's trying to eat and he always follows her to see what the big cat's doing now. My husband and I give Buster SOOOO much attention, we treat her like royalty, but she still sees Maestro as a threat and won't settle in the same room as him. Feliway plugs are not available in New Zealand but I've started Buster on a calming cat herbal spray called Sedapet. She hates any sprays so it's difficult to get near her with it. It's too early to tell if it's working. Do I have to go all the way back to square one with the separate room approach again? I don't know whether Maestro could stand it, he's so happy running about, he'd probably wreck the room trying to get out! But I certainly don't want to see any more blood. I love them both to bits and I just want Buster to relax and go back to being my little (big) Buster Cat. She even had a go at ME last night just for turning around in bed! I'd really appreciate any advice you can give me.
Thanks guys!
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Most cats hate change! I think you are seeing the unfortunate results of stress due to the move.

I do think that a brief separation and reintroduction would be wise. But, this time I would lock up each cat for half of the day. That way they both get lots of free time and lots of quiet time as well. Try keeping them separate for just 2 or 3 days before beginning the reintroductions.

Regarding the herbal spray...try spraying it on a washcloth and then rubbing the cat with the cloth. I can't think of any cat who would want to be sprayed, even though it is a calming herb!

And....you can order the Feliway Comfort Zone diffuser over the internet if you would like.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.
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Thanks lotsocats for your tips - I'll certainly give them a try over the next few days.
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Also when cats are under stress they can get sick. A vet visit might not be a bad idea, so you can be sure everything is in working order.
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