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Bargians , Bargains , Bargains..

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Hello every one (aplogizes if this thread is going on else where)

Has any one picked up any bargains!

My best one today was a "stocking" for my puppy.

It was half price and now is £1.25

it had a bag of chocolate buttons , a bag of turkey and cranberry mini bones , a brown and white ,chocolate flavoured rope toy , a dog chew shoe , a pack of doggie lolly pops and some munchy sticks ! for £1.25 thats a lot so tomorrow we are going back to wilkinsons and stocking up! there are different varietys with different toys and treats so the dog will be happy then we got a dog chew stocking which is a stocking made from dog chews with lolly pops made from dog chews reduced to 25p and thats for our mini sausage dog!
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Well this cost a little more than your doggie treats but i'll tell anyway

I went to Target a couple of days ago and i found a beautiful pair of formal pants with perty buttons and lining and such. They were down to $13($9us) from $60($41us)! And i finally found this shirt dress i wanted, it's sort of an army style thing with button up sleeves. It was $29($20us) from $70($48us). That was an even better bargain because it was the LAST one there, in black, a size smaller than what i wear and it fit perfectly. The pants were also 2 sizes smaller than what i'd wear and they compliment me in all the right places.

I normally only buy bras and shoes from Target because of their great sizes and styles, but their clothes are too pricey for me (considering they're bulk made in China)

For somone who isn't a rake, finding a triple whammy (price/colour/fit) is great!
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I love Targets clothes and stocked up when I went to Melbourne last month but they weren't as cheap as when I went in 2004.

I got a car cleaning set for my car yesterday which I thought was going to be on special but it wasn't. I also bought a turbo mouse for my kitten, Fluffy, which said $5.49 but when I got up it was $3.49 so that was sort of a bargain.

However, I'm staying away from shops due to being broke!
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Nothing like a good bargain , i went into superdrug and they had SPA travel smellies set reduced to 99p one if for my friends late xmas prezzie another is for my cousins prezzie for her birth in jan x
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Wow you're bargains are better than mine!

Boxing day sales are really when to shop here but other than that I think the prices are back to normal
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I went shopping today and MAN the sales were incredible!! There are a few people I don't shop for until after Christmas (and the next pay check goes in) because I know I won't see them until the new year. WOW! I got 2 disney coffee/hot chocolate mugs that were orginally $21.99 but 75% off. They are so cute! OH, and baby clothes are on special for 60% off at JCPenny. I could have gone crazy with the bath and body things in Wal-Mart (all 50% off), but I restrained myself. I also got an adorable black velvet top for New Year's Eve for 60% off (so around $11.00). I just have to see if I can fit into any of my black skirts anymore. If not, It's a jeans and high heeled black boots night for me (hey, we're going to the's not that fancy!). I also got a gorgeous silk purple blouse that you can dress up or dress down....for $4.95!!!

Yeah, I love after Christmas sales. But, they already have valentines day stuff up already!!! Can't we take the tree down first????
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Wow good job!

I got a nice top for 2.50 today , a quarter length thin marteriled turtle neck sortof thing was pleased with that!

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I was disappointed. We went to the city, there weren't a lot of bargains. Last year we came home with a car load.
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I got some really great deals on Christmas tree decorations. We really want to have a tree next year, this year we didn't have all the stuff we needed & Lola is still in crazy kitten mode.

I got 70% off a tree skirt at Shopko
50% off LED lights and shatter proof ornaments at Menard's
50% off shatter proof ornaments at Wal-Mart (& a cat toy stocking full of toys for the shelter kitties)
50% off a tree topper at Target (& pumpkin pancake mix and candy & 1 roll of wrapping paper)

I also got 50% off of a toy stocking at Petsmart (Cosmic Catnip stuff)

Overall I did really well. Anything that wasn't Christmas stuff wasn't really a good deal around here.
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Mom, sis and I did quite well on the 26th and today as well!!

For instance-two scrunch neck turtleneck sweaters orginally $58 each-with a couple coupons $16 each.
A dressy top at White House/Black Market originally $98 for $36!! I had eyed that one up for a couple months now too and one left in my size!!

At Macy's a $20 necklace for $3.99 and others for $12.

My sis found a pair of capris at Chico's from $68 for $5!!

Today World Market at 75% off Holiday food-Lindor truffles $2!!

TJ Maxx has tons of stuff on clearance.

I better start next years Christmas shopping!!
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We set aside some "free" money for ourselves to get things we didn't get for Christmas (clothes, etc.). And a few gift cards to go with it. So Friday we went shopping. I got more clothes and a new winter coat and boots that I've been putting off getting.

DH didn't spend half of his money - I was teasing him that he didn't get very much and he said "well I got what I needed for now"....MEN!

We also got 4 boxes of Christmas cards for the next year or two (1/2 price).
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