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Holy Freaky Weather Batman!!!

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Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse then 3 major snow storms in 4 days Mother Nature decided prove us wrong. We are in the middle of the worse wind storm I have seen ever. The kitties and I have spent most of the day sitting by the fireplace since we lost our power just after 10 this morning. It came back on at 3 but it still is really bad outside so it could go back off again at anytime.

Lots of downed trees, property damage the works...

My brother call me on my cell about 2 and was saying that the back part of his garage is now occupied by a huge maple tree..

I am keeping my fingers-crossed for some better weather come 2009 because this is getting really irritating.
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In absolute terms, ours is nothing like as bad as yours, but in relative terms we're dealing with much the same situation. All I can say is I really wish Susan and Peter and Edmund and Lucy would get their butts here and banish the queen.
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that you remain safe.
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Yikes, that stinks. I can't imagine losing power again...we lost it for 5 days during Hurricane Ike. What state do you live in? My husband's best friend is coming back home from Wisconsin tonight...hopefully there are no flight delays (he's suppose to be back at 8:30).
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Oy that's no fun!! I hope your power has stayed on and that all is well for you and your home and family!!
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Well we did lose power again from 4:15 until almost 8 but it is back on again now so hopefully now that the wind has died down it will not go out again. I guess I am one of the lucky ones, both my brother and sister live about 40miles out of town and they lost power this morning and aren't expect to get it back until tomorrow morning...that certainly would be now fun.
Luckily they both have wood heat as well so they won't be to cold.
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...your title of thread!....

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that you remain safe.
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