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sorry for stupid question

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seesm im the king of dumb questions but im on such a low budget i have to budget everything to make it i was wondering how long this box will last one adult cat she is a big female
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The last time I bought litter I bought that to try to save money. I got the 17lb box, though. I got it probably 2 weeks ago? The box itself is empty, but the litter is still in their boxes. I normally use Tidy Cat, and I like the arm and hammer better b/c it scoops much better and the clumps don't fall apart, therefore I don't have to change out the whole thing as often. Also with it their pee doesn't make it all the way through the litter and doesn't make it nasty. I don't like it b/c it is VERY VERY dusty. It filled my whole laundry room with a cloud of dust when I first poured it. Even when I clean it out it throws up dust. I bought litter again a few days ago and I went back to Tidy Cats. I've just been scooping and then adding more of the Tidy Cats onto the arm and hammer.
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cool ill love it it last my cat just 1 month she dont pee a lot she dont drink a lot she never has drank to much but is very healhty still
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If you scoop every day it should last you at least a month. I like the Arm and Hammer stuff.
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cool i wish i could find it cheaper id even buy it in like 200 lb bags if they had it
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If $$ is an issue (and who isn't it an issue for these days?!?!) you may be interested in this thread:

And a later thread talking about the chicken feed stuff:

Definitely sounds like it costs a lot less. I'm not in a rural area, so it would be a trek to find the stuff and I just haven't gotten around to it yet. But sounds like a great idea!
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At Wal-Mart the 20 lb size of Tidy Cat is only $8. For one cat, it would likely last all month.
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Use coupons! Check your Sunday newspaper or ask friends that have cats, check online. It's very easy to get Tidy Cat coupons and they're usually for a dollar off. I don't use the stuff, so I think I may even have several laying about.
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cool ty everyone for the advice
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Most Tidy Cat jugs of litter right now have a $1.00 off coupon in them.

You might also check this web site:

It has some very good printable and on-line coupons. Just as a quick search, I found $1.50 off "Yesterday's News" litter.

If you have any nearby, you might check any of the "dollar" stores, such as Dollar General, Family Dollar, Dollar Tree, etc.
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I have been buying the fresh step from BJ's for $15.00 for 40lbs of litter. I can't complain about the price and I like the litter never any smell but it is dusty.
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I like shopping at PetSmart because they break down the litter by a per lb. price. Arm & Hammer Super Scoop Fragrance Free is by far my favorite of the cheaper options. Right now we are using Equisicat (sp?) because it's even cheaper. I tried the Wal-Mart store brand litter, it was ok. I haven't tried the Costco stuff yet.

The big Arm & Hammer box should last 1 month for 1 cat, you could probably push it to 5 weeks though.
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