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Proper way for food trial

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A little history:

Hello, I am back with Mikey. Yes, he's still having issues. But things have taken a turn for positive. After finding out he had a lot of bacteria in his stomach we gave him antibiotic and he was on i/d soft food for 1 whole week and nothing else. Aftar that, we went back to Freekies Seafood Sensation (what we've been feeding Samantha for a year now) and his stool became soft again. Went back out to Petsmart and bought Proplan "Salmon & rice" flavor. His poop is ok. No diarrhea. But he begs for soft food. So we gave him soft food, "salmon & rice" by Proplan in a can. Day after, diarrhea again! So we thought he's allergic to wheat but doesn't seem like it at all.

So now we're on a hunt for soft food for him. But the problem is, everytime we give him soft food, he poops soft stool and wattery stool. He's still not 1 so maybe he can't tolerate the food yet. What should I do? How long do I keep him on 1 food for until I see result? So far, I've been changing it every 2 days but maybe I should do a week's trial to see if his poop becomes normal?

So far I have tried: Blue brand with Salmon flavor, no luck, I tried Avoderm with tuna flavor last night, no luck. I have a bigger can of Organic food but I havne't opened it yet. Not sure if I should continue with Avoderm for a few days to see if things change?

P.S. I also asked the vet, and he said I can always put him back on i/d (soft food) if he can tolerate that for a little longer.
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try one of the no grain pate style... all gravys have a starch ( wheat , rice, potato and oat are common)
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I c. So starch is something to watch out for? I think he can't tolerate certain things since he's still a baby.
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MOST cats do well with no to little grain s ... Unfortunatly many companies make grain free loaded with another starch ie potato or peas ... Both of these are showing up as allergens ... I said most there are a few that need grain
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OK, tomorrow I will try the 3rd kind I bought. It's called "Nature by Organics". Has anyone heard of it?
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yes .. mine like it alot ingrediants are good ... some made in china
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Originally Posted by sharky View Post
yes .. mine like it alot ingrediants are good ... some made in china
My baby loves this too. I've used both the regular and organic brands and she loves them all. By the way, is there a reason you are looking for primarily fish flavors? Fish is the last thing I would feed a cat with potential allergy problems.
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