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Sunday!! What's On your Agends?

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Morning All!!

Well our weather is pretty strange this morning, very warm 10C and we are in the middle of a huge wind and rain storm. The key words for today are water and slush and lots of it. The road crews have been working most of the night trying to keep the storm drains open.
One a brighter note at least we don't have 4 foot snow banks anymore
Nothing much planned for the day, I am feeling kind of blah, not really sick or anything just blah...
Might pop over to see my Aunt after lunch for a few minutes but will have to see.
The kitties are totally wound up this morning, they have been tearing around for an hour now so I am sure they will play themselves out soon.

Everyone have a great day
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We're going to Church and out to lunch and tonight my neice and I are going with a friend to see MARLEY &ME.
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Was going to go to church this morning then crash this afternoon, since I have a week off (mostly), I'd love to rest well this afternoon so's I will be ready and raring to clean (MAYBE!). But, hub isn't feeling well this morning, so I am home from church cooking the dinner that needs to be delivered @12:45, THEN I am still going home to crash, lol!
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Just made some breakfast for Rob, think I'm going to make some dip for chips in a few. Relaxing most of the day, then mom is cooking my favorite roast beef dinner Driving back to SC after dinner, then trying to go to bed earlier than we have been the last 4 days since it's back to work Monday, boo. (At least it'll only be a 3 day week again for me )
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Shopping and cleaning for me. Getting ready for the party on Dec 31. It's my birthday and I have SOOO much to do. You'd think DH would be doing some of this, but well.....Lets just say its a nice dream.
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