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Cat been sick for 7 months

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My 2 year old ragdoll cat has been sick with an unknown illness for 7 months and over the seven months she has been on constant medication. She has been sneezing yellow mucus out of her left nostril, and lost her appetite completely a month ago. The vet found that quartazone relieved these symptoms and she has been on it for a month, but last week the third eyelid on her left eye closed over and became red (she has also had some discharge from her eye). This has happened before but only for a couple of days and then it went back to normal. The vet said that something was affecting the left side of her head and tests were conducted for chlamidya, rhinovirus, herpes and the cat flu, all with negative results; and she was spayed as a kitten so I doubt she would have an STD. The vet also gave her an x-ray to locate a possible tumour in the head but there was nothing. I have been giving perscribed eye cream to her for a couple of days but it doesn't seem to be helping move the eyelid back. Apparently all of her organs are fine (after a blood test) and it is just something in her head, maybe an infection or something, but she has had antibiodics for nearly three months. Does anyone have any idea what she might have or have had something similar happen to their cat? Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
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I would be seeking a second opinion, this has been going on too long. Good luck
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This sounds so much like what we've been dealing with with our cat, Hannah, only her symptoms haven't included the eye problem.

First of all, did your vet use the Real PCR URD test from IDEXX for Herpes? http://www.idexx.com/animalhealth/la...realpcr/tests/ If not, ask him/her to re-test using the newer test, which is most accurate. The previous test was very inaccurate. If your kitty tests positive using the RealPCR test, then don't allow steroids to be used on your kitty as this will cause a flare up of the herpes. I know you said her herpes test came back negative, but everything you've written describes manifestations of the herpes virus. You might want to check out the herpes yahoo group, especially for help with the eye problem. http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/f...guid=353539644

Then, have a culture taken of her nasal discharge. My vet did a throat culture since she said that if it's coming out her nose, it's also most likely going down her throat. You may be facing what I'm dealing with, a kitty sick for just about as long as your kitty. She was finally diagnosed with a pseudonomas bacteria infection. She's been on Zenequin for a month, and goes back for a re-culture next Tuesday morning to see if she's improving and/or if there's a secondary (or third??) infection we need to deal with concerning the colored nasal discharge. The good news is that she's not slinging as much snot as she was a couple of months ago, so I know she's getting better, but she's not 100% yet.

Feel free to inbox me if you'd like.

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That makes me think of one of my sisters cats.

She has had a discharge from one nostril for a while and is on anti-biotics for it. The vet told her it may be a sinus infection which apparently is notouriously hard to shift in cats ( that`s what your cat sounds like to me). The vet said if it doesn`t clear, they will be looking for a growth in the nasal or sinus cavity.

I don`t know if that helps any, it just sounds similar.
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