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something is wrong with wilbur.

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I don't know if this is stress related or what but something isn't right.

when I picked him up 'all of a sudden' the lady tells me she thinks he's got ringworms. she put clear nail polish all over his ear telling me it smothers the ringworm. huh?

I look today and the whole patch is bald now. there's no raised area, it's just all pink. And he's got a big sore under his chin too. i can't tell if it's from a cut, or if it's something like what's happening to his ear. but I can feel it's raised. I can't get a picture of it yet but I' working on it.

Today he started meowing incessantly. he would just pace around the room and meow. not like he was scared or lonely, but like he was hurting, or uncomfortable.

Here's a picture of his ear. I know it's big but i wanted you to be able to see the problem.

Man I don't have the money to take him to the vet. but I am worried. Any suggestions?

Oh, and tinker is definitely pregnant. i felt the babies moving today.
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I dont know if its stress related or not either - but i have a few questions,
Picked him up from where?
How long has your cat been there?
Who is "the lady"?
All of a sudden you cat has "ringworm" how suddenly are we talking?
What the #*^! with the nail polish?
Did "the lady" diagnose ringworm by sight or under a special light disigned for this purpose?
Sorry for all the questions.
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lol it's a realllllllly long story. i've got threads about it in the lounge.

basically i had to send my cats to a rescue group a month ago just before thanksgiving. That was in phoenix. i had to come back to my mothers' house about 1300 miles away because I got evicted (laid off).

So someone from the group drove up and met me in wichita yesterday and I drove them home (400 miles). So this is the first time i've seen them in just over amonth.

I am starting to question the care they got. but the thing that shocks me is she emailed me at least twice a week with updates, and would talk about sitting out in the room with them (she has about 10 foster cats) and feeding themtuna etc.

But I have a hard time believing this cropped up in ONE day. she didn't even know about the big sore under his chin which is about the size of a dime. there's no hair on it at all.

and how could you not know the girl is pregnant? I mean her belly is round! her nipples are enlarged and the tips are getting hard like an expectant mother does.

I don't know. she saved my cats from going to the pound, so i'm eternally grateful. then the group drove them up 800 miles and met me. They were already going that way, i met them so they didn't have to go out of their way at all. but still. How could I get mad? if it wasn't for them they'd be dead most likely.
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As a foster carer she should know if a cat is pregnant or not and i agree with you that i dont think they got much attention at all either.
Bald patches dont - just -appear but as you have said you already know that and if they were being cared for properly she would have also noticed that he had a bald spot under his chin - i mean lets face it how many cats "do not like chin scritches" - not met a cat yet who doesnt like it. I know you have said that if it weren`t for these people you might not have your cats and that you are gratefull for all they have done -BUT - you now have a cat that obviously requires some Vet care, could they not see that for themselves and attempt to do something?
Doesnt sound like a very reputable rescue group to me, just my honest opinion.
Wishing you luck with Wilbur and hoping the New Year turns the corner for you, goodluck.
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For me it looks like ringworm, but don't take this as a diagnosis without seeing a vet.... why don't you get a coupon for a first visit free at VCA or other vet hospital in the area, and have it checked out? The ears and chin are the most common ringworm spots...
I wouldn't get mad at them.... It is very common in rescue cats, and once one in the pack has it, most likely some, if not all will get it...
As far as the clear nail polish goes, yes, there are many reports of working in HUMANS - I never heard of it in cats...
I am not endorsing VCA animal hospitals, but I know they are pretty much everywhere in the country, so I am leaving a link for you below - for a coupon for a free visit. Many vet hospitals offer a free 1st time visit, so you might be able to see if you can go elsewhere as well...

I am glad you got your kitties back - now apparently you are going to be a grandpa??
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I managed to get a picture of his chin while he was asleep. i don't think it's a cut. i think it's another just like his ear. From what i'm seeing I guess it's ringworm. Doe anyone know how to get rid of it? And can i catch it from the cat?

By the way, would this make him very thirsty? he's drinking water like crazy
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Ok - below is a link that was sent to me (I am also dealing with this issue), and trying to treat it holistically... I ordered the colloidal silver on this article for Lucky - I can't tell you if it is going to work or not, but I will try it - it's a safe treatment, for what I can see... Again, I would talk to the vet first I refuse to do oral treatment, unless it is absolutely necessary...

Yes, you can get it from him, but if you do, you can treat it very easily with lamisil, or other cream for athlete's foot.

A word of advice: Don't freak out - if you research about ringworm, you will read a LOT of bad stuff, but it's really more of a nuisance than a scary medical problem...

Lucky has been with me for almost 2 months, untreated, sleeping on my bed, and I haven't gotten it... It is rare for adults with strong immune system to get it... The problem really is your other kitty...
Good Luck!
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Let me know how that goes!

From what I can tell ringworm is about equal to athlete's foot lol.

As long as I know it's not a life threatening illness I'm OK. i'll get him something for it.
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Originally Posted by fastnoc View Post
Let me know how that goes!

From what I can tell ringworm is about equal to athlete's foot lol.

As long as I know it's not a life threatening illness I'm OK. i'll get him something for it.
Yes, ringworm is pretty darn close to athlete's foot. My cat has ringworm (since I got him) and I was checking myself everyday, because I refused to isolate him from me. I got a cold from my husband, and that evening I had 2 lesions.

I started putting cream on it, and not even a week later it is almost gone. ( the cream is used for two weeks, but the sores go away after a wk.)

It is not painful, in fact I would not have even noticed it, if I wasn't looking for it.

I'm the only one that has caught it out of my household and it wasn't untill I got a virus that I got it. (could have been carrying it, and it was waiting for a weakness in my system before it showed. That's what my Dr. said... the cream I use is not RX cream, its OTC).

There's been alot of posts on it, as of lately...lots of info in those posts. Some disagreements on the treatment of it... my suggestion is to do your reading, then decide what to do.

The concenus is:

ringworm is contagious. (to humans, to other pets.) People with a surpressed immune system can get it easier than people with a normal immune system. It's treatment for humans is very simple.

ringworm is NOT a serious disease at all. It is a fungal infection that can be cured, but it can also self cure in 3-4months.

ringworm spores can stay in the environment for up to 18mos.

ringworm treatment for cats can vary from oral meds (most are not good for your kitty's liver, and can cause birth defects in pregnant cats, etc.) to topical treatments ( baths and ointments ) to no treatment and letting it work its course if your cat is otherwise healthy.

vaccum more often to pick up the broken off hairs in your house... wash your cats bedding every couple of days... disinfect places your cat has been... Things like that will help stop it from reinfecting.

This post has some good information, and some recommendations about some sprays that will help.

A quote from the above post:

Originally Posted by Skimble View Post
IMO, it is IMPOSSIBLE to keep your house and family from exposure to ringworm by isolating the kitten.

Thought: the spores are airborne. No way to keep air from circulating.

Thought: the clothes you wear in the room with the kitten, or for that matter in the house, has the ringworm spores on them. Probably on your skin and the bottom of your shoes. It is already everywhere.

Everyone has been exposed in every way. I don't understand why vets instill such panic. I know they are doing their job, but how many here have posted that they did not isolate or "disinfect" the environment.

Ringworm is mostly (according to veterinary articles) in kittens because their immune system is not as strong as adults. Our vet said he had never seen ringworm in a healthy adult cat. This is obviously stressing you AND the kitten. The stress will also make the ringworm worse.

This is my experience and opinion, although many here seem to have the same experience as I.

If your family gets ringworm, a topical antifungal cream will do the trick. Many use athletes foot cream. Same ingredients used.
Because you have the other kitty who is pregnant, I would HIGHLY consider getting one of the sprays mentioned.

Originally Posted by Skimble View Post
I used the laundry additive from Revival Animal Products also. You can mix this solution in water and spray it on most surfaces. I used a spray bottle and a clean, unused garden sprayer. The effect is residual so it keeps the ringworm from spreading.

I used this spray below directly on my kittens and I believe it helped tremendously.

The label states it is safe for kittens over 6 weeks. It has a residual protection. This greatly reduces the chance of spreading the spores. You can spray it on the non-affected animals as a protective measure.
The 8oz spray is only $10, plus shipping.

Both sprays are something I am looking into IF Kizzy's topical treatment does not work. As well as I'm looking into the colloidal silver.

Good luck to you. I am soooo happy you got your kitty back
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The crying and meowing might just be a stress related issue. Wilbur could just be worried that you're going to leave him, and be acting out vocally. Ringworm won't make your kitty thirsty. If he's eating dry food, that could cause an increase in water consumption. Unfortunately, there are more ominous causes for increased water consumption that really do need to be ruled out.....such as diabetes or kidney failure. I'm not convinced that your kitties got the best of care with the rescue group, as evidenced by the nail polish on suspected ringworm, and the fact that the lesion on the chin went unnoticed also. I know that money is definitely a concern, but I'd really recommend a vet visit. First, the suspected ringworm should be diagnosed or ruled out; and second, the increased thirst needs to be addressed. Blood work usually runs around $100 here, so I suspect that would be a reasonable estimate. I don't know what a new vet would charge for an initial consultation. Oh...since Tinker is pregnant, you should be feeding her a good quality food. Kitten food is good for pregnant cats, as it contains more protein than regular adult food. Good luck. You and your kitties have been in my thoughts and prayers as this whole story has unfolded.
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Originally Posted by fastnoc View Post
Oh, and tinker is definitely pregnant. i felt the babies moving today.
I thought she was recently spayed?

EDIT : I've just seen your other thread.

You need to ring the vet concerned and get some questions answered. You did have to take her to get a checkup on her scar didn't you?.

My girls went back twice after surgery to make sure the wound was healing, then again to have the stiches out.

And that fosterer would have been pulled over hot coals by me for applying nail polish like that!!
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