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Loki hasn't been himself the past couple days. He slept all day yesterday and today. I wasn't paying much attention to him yesterday so I don't know how much he ate (I hadn't noticed anything was wrong until last night). He went to the litterbox this afternoon, but I hadn't noticed him do anything since then. He's just been sleeping in the chair. Earlier today we took him outside for some fresh air and he walked around a bit and meowed at us. I got him some special wet food from the store to try to get him to eat, and he did, but not too much. About half an hour ago he got out of the chair and wandered in the kitchen so I fed him again and he ate even less. Also, I noticed that when he walks he has a slight limp in his right front leg. I'm going to call the vet on Monday to get him an appointment.

Does anyone have any ideas or comforting words until then?

PS: He's 9 months old, neutered, up to date on shots, etc
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Did anything happen? A fall, accidently being stepped on, step on something, etc. ?

Did things change over xmas? Loki could just be "recovering" from xmas, if anything was out of the oridinary.

He ate, and used the litter box, and seems to be moving about ok (aside from the limp)..... that he is just tired out from xmas.
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I think my roommate accidentally stepped on him a couple days ago, but I don't know where. We didn't do anything special for Christmas, so our household was the same. I'm just concerned because he's not acting like himself. He usually comes to greet me as soon as I get up and will go straight to eating when I feed them. He usually has a "kitty mania" period at least once a day. He's normally very friendly and will greet anyone when the come in the door and will proceed to ask to be picked up and petted... But he's just been sleeping in the chair
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hmmmmm. I would keep an eye on him, definately do get him into see the vet though, if he doesn't perk up soon.

I hope he's ok
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He seems to be doing a bit better today. Should I still take him to the vet tomorrow?
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Originally Posted by FrootLoop View Post
He seems to be doing a bit better today. Should I still take him to the vet tomorrow?
This is my own personal opinion, I am not a vet, this is only what I would do with my own kitty.

If he continues to get better, is eating and going potty, and getting back to his normal self....then no I would not take him to the vet.

I would keep an eye on him though, and if he starts not eating, etc. then yes, take him to the vet.
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