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Rosie's latest photoshoot

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Telling me what she thinks of having her photo taken

Too silly

No more photos please


Contorted sleep

Kitty tongue

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How do they pack so much cute into one package??
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Those pictures are adorable! I love the second and third! Way to cute!
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GREAT pictures! those are perfect!
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aww they are just adorable
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so very very very cute!!
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What a cutie!
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What a sweetie. She looks like she might be full of mischief too judging by that first pic.
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She is very full of mischief but I handed her over to her forever home today who will care for her just as well as me so even though she is a little young to be adopted she was allowed to go
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I love the first and third pic.... What a sweetie.
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awww . she is a doll. I just read some of your blog. I will have to read more when I have time. It is very interesting. It's off to work right now......
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Rosie is going to be one of those kittens that will tug at your heart forever. I know a lot of cats cross your life through the shelter, but there are always those very special ones that you can't forget. I had a foster puppy that was adopted nearly 10 years ago that I still miss to this day. I hope that her adoptive parents provide updates and pictures to you on a regular basis.

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