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Cat inherits British Widow's Estate

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I saw this and couldn't believe it. I thought all of you might like to read this article...

By Associated Press
Published May 6, 2003, 7:56 AM CDT

LONDON -- Tinker really is the cat that got the cream.

Thanks to his late owner, a wealthy widow, the former stray now lives in some splendor in his own house, valued at $560,000, and dines on fish bought from his $160,000 trust fund.

The will of Margaret Layne, 89, published in The Times newspaper on Tuesday, named Tinker as the beneficiary of a large chunk of her estate, including her house in Harrow, northwest London.

When he dies, the estate will pass to the trustees, Layne's former neighbors, Ann and Eugene Wheatley, who deliver Tinker's food and milk each day.

The good life is proving attractive to other cats.

In an interview with The Times, Wheatley, 75, said Tinker now shares the house with Lucy, "who was our pussy but decided to move there after she had a litter.

"And there's Stardust, a white cat who came to us from a friend who couldn't look after him any more but chose to go and live there," he said.

Wheatley said recent stock market falls had hit Tinker's trust fund but "there's a limit to what you can spend it on."

He said he had used some of the money to maintain the house "and Tinker is fond of coley (fish), so we bought him some."

Layne, who had no children, died last year, leaving an estate worth nearly $937,000.
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Wow! What a lucky cat!
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Hi there. Thought this was cute.

I don't know if I pasted this link correctly (if not you can copy and paste). Essentially, an elderly widow died, leaving her house and a trust fund to Tinker, the stray cat.

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Sorry about that. I just noticed you have a link to this article on the home page!

Mods -- please delete.
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Lucky cat would be an understatement !!
Wow, That is totally amazing , Lucky cat
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DI, I didn't delete, just merged it with the other one.

Amazing story, but I've heard stranger things. In Athens, GA a man loved this tree so much that he left the land around the tree to the tree in perpetuum. They had to build the road around the tree, a big bulge around it, becuase no one had the legal authority to purchase the land from a non-human entity!
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This story was actually on our TV news tonight - Poor kitty looked skittish and like he needed some loving snuggles! Having a house is great if you have someone to share it with.
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Wow... What a lucky cat. I hope he could find someone to share it with.
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