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What do I need to become an animal sitter (legally)

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My boyfriend and I have decided that since we have 3 cats and a dog taking in a few more isn’t all that big of a deal… we have to do “animal stuff†anyway. In our entire area and surrounding area there is not one single person who brings animals in their home to pet sit. It’s all people who visit for an hour or so daily, or sleep at their house over night but the animals are home alone all day… so we think there is a good market for this.

I notice all the other pet sitting people say they are insured and bonded. Do we really need to have this? If so, how do we get it? Anything else legally I need to know? Or is it not really necessary as long as we have a contract saying we have no responsibility to pay for injuries etc.
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You should have insurance in case the animal bites someone in your care, it is much cheaper to pay the insurance than a lawsuit. Personally, I would not hire someone who wasn't bonded and insured.

It is a fairly simple process, we got our insurance through cooperators and they gave us contact information for a bonding company who ran a police and credit check, checked out our references and sent us the certificate about a week after.
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You'll want to be insured & bonded for sure. I don't know how to do it but I'm sure that a google search would pull up some info to get you started.

If you want to form a legal corporation, you can do that too. There are several different types you can form. (Or you can be a non-profit, which is a different process. Doesn't sound like that is what you want though).

Make a nice website, you'll get more business that way.

If you can afford it, I highly recommend having a transactional attorney look over the contract and waiver that you have clients sign. They can help you form the business too, but that's easier to do on your own.
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I personally would prefer my animals being looked after in their own homes, as it is much less stressful. If you want to take peoples animals into your own home while they are away, the most important thing is knowing you have enough space, as it isnt just as easy as taking them in, they all have to have their own space, you will have some cats that hate dogs, some cats that hate other cats, and there is also the illness/fighting to consider, and some cats need a lot more time and space than others.
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Thanks for all of the advice guys! I think it would be a fun way to make some extra cash. I will get insured and bonded before we start this… you guys are right… it’s always better to be safe. You guys have been very helpful as always =). Any other advice I haven’t thought of would be great.

We have a lot of space in our house along with a 150 foot by 80 foot backyard (that’s the fenced area). Also we wouldn’t take in more than one client at a time. I still have my babies to consider and don’t want to have to watch more than two dogs in case of fights. So only one client at a time, we would consider sibling animals though.

As for cats, I doubt we will get any… if we do as long as they are not aggressive they can hang with my boys… all they really do is hiss, never attack. If they really need a place for the cats we have a “catroom†where we have kept our strays in, and our new animals. I think we are more based for dogs, but will certainly accept cats as long as they are aware they will probably be kept in the “catroom†(which isn’t all that bad, it’s totally made for cats).
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try looking at the ABKA website: http://www.petcareservices.org/

I work for a doggy day care and boarding facility and that who we are certified for. Also you may want to look into taking a pet first aid class. Our local red cross offers them on occasion or you can look online to see if there are any in your area.

The only problem I would forsee is the added stress to both the animals coming in and your animals. Afterall your home is THEIR territory and they may feel like their territory is being threatened. If you are seriously interested in it why not look for a small building and start thinking about opening a dog/cat boarding facility. If you want more information on mine please feel free to send me a PM or check out our website. Campruffnmore.com
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Gosh..I didn't see where you were from. In our area you need to check with Animal Control and get a facility license. You can also ask them the questions for what you need to do to make things "legal"

I only have boarded my dog for daytime reasons. Getting New carpet, everyone is going to be gone all day ect.

However there is this one place that if I had to leave him for a week he'd be staying there. The dogs they board actually have houses with yards. I am not talking dog houses either.

Yep...This is where my dog would be staying! lol
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