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I have an 8 month old Himmy.. and for a week now she's been hiding. She will not interact with me at all. Ive noticed her scratching a great deal.. Ive combed her.. flea sprayed her.. and she is so upset with me.. it's breaking my heart. I miss her lil kisses when I wake up in the morning.

Any ideas?
I have an appointment for the vet. Im hoping its the scratching and what not that is causing her to hide. She has scrated little soars on her neck...

please email me with any help
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Lina - welcome to the Cat Site! I'm so sorry it's such a sad problem that brings you here.

But before we can look for answers, there's a couple of things we need to know.

1) How long have you had her?
2) Is she and indoor/outdoor cat or indoor only? (I assume indoor/outdoor because of the flea/tick spray comment, but just checking....
3) Is she spayed?

Oh - and I went ahead and moved your question to the appropriate forum.

Lina - please beware that most flea and tick sprays and collars are actually very dangerous for your cat. In fact, some brands have caused many cat deaths. The only thing that really works and is also safe for your cat is a Vet-recommended flea/tick medication - either Advantage or Frontline. They are easy to apply and come in one- or three-month dose applications. It's more expensive - but will not harm your cat. And they really work.
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I have had her since she was 10 weeks old. She use to follow me around everywhere I went. Would sit beside me. Stand beside me. Had to be in the same room with me.. slept with me.. woke me up every morning with the sweetest little kisses... and now.. she's invisible.

She's "INDOOR" only.. I took her to my moms house a couple weeks ago to let her see what "outside" is like..and my mom just loves to love on her. Thing is... she has an indoor/outdoor kitty too and a dog that both probably have fleas.

She is not spayed.. Id like her to have kittens one day. She's a beautiful cat.

Im trying to upload her pics but Im having a hard time.
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Do you know where she is? Because it might not be a behavioral problem. Given what you've said, I think it unlikely... but it might be a skin problem.

Any change in the behavior of your kitty is worth a trip to the Vet. Cats are very stoic and seldom let us know there is a problem.

Once you've taken her to the Vet and ruled out any illness, then it's time to address behavior issues.

I don't know what to suggest off-hand, but there are many here who do. Please be patient - this is not a real-time chat forum, and many members check in only at night or only in the morning, so it may take a day or two for everyone who has something to contribute to "check in," so to speak.

Re: attaching photos. I don't know what type of photo editor you use, but the photos must be no larger than 400 X 400 pixels - so you might have to resize your photos to be smaller. The file can also be no larger than... 30 KB, I think, if I remember correctly. So if it's in jpeg format, you may have to save it in a lower-quality mode in order to have the file size small enough.

If you are still having trouble posting pics, please feel free to post to or browse this thread:

Your Computer Questions Answered!
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PS. I'm sorry I can't be of more help! But hang in there - you'll get some great advice here. In the meantime,

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Thanks .. I have a forum on my wesbite so Im familiar with how they work. I have an appointment with the vet Thursday. I do know where she is...


Hiding in the pantry.
Hiding under the couch.
Hiding in the bathroom.
Hiding under the bed.

She only comes out to eat and go potty. Im going on a trip in a couple of weeks and Im sure that will set her back too... maybe she's mad at me about something?

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Aww, I'm sorry! I don't have much advice, but (((HUGS)))! I hope everything works out!
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I agree that this sounds like a medical problem rather than a behavioral problem. I also agree that if it does turn out to be a flea allergy that it would be unwise to continue using the flea treatments you buy at the store. It is much safer and more effective to use Frontline or Advantage.

Is there any way you can get her to the vet tomorrow instead of Thursday?
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Does she have all her shots? If you brought her to a house with an indoor/outdoor cat you exposed her to everything the other cat has been exposed to. Many illnesses can be passed this way, including ringworm, mites, fleas, distemper, and much more...
Had she been to your mothers house before? Was she hiding before you went there?
I hope it is nothing serious. Please keep us updated as to her condition.
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Ive never even used flea medications on her. Ive never had to....and we were at my mothers house for mabye an hour tops and 90% of that time she was in my lap in her blanket. First trip to grammas. <smile>

I dont know.. her claws are incredibly sharp so her scratching is not good....Im thinking its much more than fleas cause although I do see Flea Dirt... I only have taken 2 fleas off of her and if they were that bad in my apartment I would be bitten as well.

Poor little kitta..she's such an angel.
I tried to get an appointment tomorrow but the vet is full. Thursday is the earliest.. Im hoping that they can give her a good bath and grooming and some medicine to make her feel better.

My moms cat is sickly.. he's a russian blue that is outside way too much.. I pray she hasnt gotten anything.. but I really dont think she had enough exposure to have been.

Thanks ladies...
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Here's some pics of Lina's beautiful Bling.

(Lina - I will post several here and several in the Cat Lounge, so look for that thread!)
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Bling playing lookie!
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Here's a link to Bling's pics in a thread in the Cat Lounge: New Member's Beautiful Himmy

Lina... let us know how it goes at the Vet!!!! ...then let's see what happens.

Got my fingers crossed!!!

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What did you spray her with?
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MY baby is so beautiful aint she.
I sprayed her with some flea spray called "ZODIAC" -- it was WELL AFTER she started acting paranoid and crazy though.


She came out from under the bed this morning.. crawled up and gave me my wake up kisses Ive been missing... too bad we're going to the doctor tomorrow.. she will surely be angry at me again.

Keep you posted!!
Thanks for posting my pics..

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She sure is a beauty!!! I hope you get her taken care soon...
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Guess who came out and gave me lil blinga kisses the past two mornings!!! (big smile)

Ill keep you posted on the Dr. Visit.

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