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Kitten Litter Problems

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Hi i got a kitten (Ragdoll) male a couple of days ago. when we first got him he seemed to sort of get the idea of a litterbox. but its getting worse and worse. It started he only wont go to the litterbox if he was on my bed. now he goes on my bed in his own bed and probably everywhere else. i clean the kitty litter everyday. hes now confined to his laundry at night with the kitty litter but hes still going in his bed. I dont know what to do. i thought this was a natural instinct and it wouldnt be this hard lol. what should i do. also the kitty litter has been moved it used to be in my room as it is very big now its in the laundry.

Any Suggestions would be great.
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I don't know if this will help in your situation, but whenever I get a kitten I periodically (maybe every hour or so?) pick the kitten up, take them to where the box is, and then set them in it. If they get out I pick them back up and set them in it once more. If they get out again I let them go play. A lot of the times they end up going. It has worked for every kitten I have ever had, but I get kittens around 12 weeks old so they know very well how to use it from their mothers and siblings already. I do this for the first few days until I see that they are using the litter box exclusively and not going anywhere else in the house. I have yet to have a cat go outside of the box.

How old is your kitten?

Oh, and welcome!!
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How old is the kitten?
I only had that problem once and it was with Yoshi.
He never would use the pan and he was taught to by his mother and my other cats.
he cost us our deposit when we moved because he would pee all over.
I hope your kitten will use the pan soon.
I have a new sphynx kitten and she has never gone out of the pan once.
Where is the kitten from?
Try what kara_leigh said to do.
Yoshi did it until the day he died.
My last 2 kittens before Cleo never went on the floor either.
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I forgot to add, I don't work at the moment so I can devote the time, but if there is any time I will be out of the house for whatever reason and won't be able to supervise them I crate them while I'm gone. I'm never gone for more than an hour or two.
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hes 8 weeks old. i got him from a private seller. his mother i didnt get to see but i saw his dad he was a red blame Ragdoll.

i will try what kara said, thankyou for your replys. lol im so worried he will never learn and he will soil on everything i have.

i do put him in his box when hes eaten, i moved the box back to my room a hour or so ago because thats when it got worse when i moved it to another room. I think he may be a bit confused he also plays in his litter a lil bit do ur kittens do that?
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They sold him to young.
Kittens should be at least 12 weeks before they are taken away from the mom.
My Coco was to young when I got her.
She was around 8 weeks and now is 16.10 years old.
They all play with litter.
Cleo drags it all over.
she likes to chase the pellets.
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He is very young and probably not completely trained yet by his mother. You could try kitten attract litter. It's pretty expensive, but once you get him using the litter box all the time you can make a gradual change to another litter.
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Ahk i will try to find some, thankyou for your help, hopefully it is because hes too young

Heres a pic of Zeus aswell he is so cute
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Do you have any better pictures of him?
He is cute.
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i do but they are on my Phone, here they are:

This is Zeus asleep again lol

Hes is the runt of the litter so i think he is particulary tiny
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OMG! He is so beautiful! He is definitely young, and may need extra attentiveness when it comes to litter training. A small, low edge litter box and a natural, non scented litter to start. Be sure to clean any marked areas thoroughly to prevent remarking. As someone else mentioned, shortly after feeding, place him in litter box and gently show him how to dig in litter. Be sure litter box is not moved and kept clean for several months.
When I first brought Maia home, she was so tiny she fit in the palm of my hand! I was so nervous because she hadn't peed or pooped for hours after arriving home. I kept watching her thinking her tiny bladder couldn't hold much more (she was 6 weeks). I was right! About 20 minutes after showing her litter box, she peed right in front of me on my bed, she simply couldn't hold it any more! It was then when I knew from her physical behavior when she had to go, and she never "went" outside the box from that day!
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lol thanks
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