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Camera Shy Kitty

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One of my biggest regrets when I put down my cat Little Girl two months
ago was that I never seemed to be able to get a good picture of her. She
hated the camera (I think the flash frightened her) and other than a few
shots of I managed to get when she was about 8 weeks old with my old 35mm
film camera (fixed focus, no zoom) I had no pictures to remember her by.

A few months ago, (before I put Little Girl to sleep) I went to a friend's house
for dinner, and his wife handed me a mini CD. She told me that they were
backing up the hard drive of their computer when they came across some pics
they took at my 40th birthday party a few years back and decided to burn them
on a CD for me. I put the disc in my jacket pocket and promptly forgot about it.

Christmas day, I decided to wear my blue jacket and found the CD again.
I put it on my desk next to the computer and decided I would look at it later.

Yesterday, my GF came over and saw the disc labled "Jim's 40th B-day" sitting
on my desk and bugged me to load it into the computer so she could see
the picture; she didn't know me back then and was dying to see what I looked
like with a full beard and longer hair (apparently, I was desparately clinging to my
youth )

I loaded the disc and started browsing the pics. To my utter shock and
amazement, the seventh picture was a clear shot of Little Girl looking straight at
the camera!!! My friends had managed to snap a picture which I had never
been able to get over the 12 years Little Girl had been with me.

I instantly started tearing up, right there in front of my GF. She looked at
me kind of funny at first then realized the significance of the photo.

I don't think i have ever received a better gift.
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I am glad you have a good picture of her.
I wish I had pics of my cats that died years ago.
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What a wonderful surprise. She left you a present and you didn't know it.
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That's a lovely thing for your friends to give you!
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That made me cry. So glad you have a good picture to remember her by.
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That is wonderful! I'm so glad you have a good picture to remember your Little Girl by
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Awww... that almost made ME cry too. That's wonderful, I am glad you have a last the one good picture of your special girl. *HUG*
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