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This is weird

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It's December 27th, nearly the middle of winter. I'm on the deck, with a laptop, in a tee shirt and shorts. It's 71 degrees. A little overcast, but nice.

It's just being an odd winter in general
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Just checked where Jack's breeder is - they have about 70 degrees too!

Our section of Minnesota is 21 currently.
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Winters are just weird in general, but this one really is strange. I remember some Christmas eve's where the temp (without wind chill) was 0, and some where I was outside playing with my toys in a t-shirt and jeans. We had an ice storm Christmas eve, but Christmas was 60 degrees. Today it is nice, but it rained and iced over last night. I think Mother Nature has PMS and is just playing with us.
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We hit 66 degrees here yesterday and that warm front moved east to your neck of the woods. We had a huge thunderstorm here overnight that turned to a thunder/ice storm when the cold front moved in early this morning. Not to worry Mike - you'll get our cold front tomorrow.

Yes, the weather has been freakish this year.
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Same here Mike, it's 70 in Lexington Tomorrow we are getting ice
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Its 49 here but about 4 or 5 years ago it was 75 on christmas.
I will trade you for the 70's.
It would be nice to be below freezing at night.
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All I know is that it is bloomin' freezing here! Wish we had the warmer weather right now...
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I have to sleep with my fan on at nights because I've got my litter of kittens in my room and I don't want them to get too hot!
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It's 28° F here right now, and the temperature is supposed to drop another 5° over the next few hours. No snow is being forecasted, fortunately.
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Its warm today here too and supposed to be 71 tomorrow. Looks like another winter of no snow or winter weather here again
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Christmas Eve and Christmas day the ground was covered with snow and all the trees & bushes were covered with ice and when the sun shown they sparkled like diamonds and it looked like I was in Narnia!

Today the temp was 60, snows all gone, the winds were ferocious, rain was torrential with flood warnings for several areas close to rivers or streams. Looks like a typical December now...........all brown and naked.
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After we got the freezing rain today, it's now snowing. Oh joy - snow on top of ice. I did hear yesterday's official temperature: 68 degrees.
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It's 9:17pm and our air conditioner is running (it comes on when it's 78 degrees in the house). It's waaaay too hot here. We got up to 85 today.
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While we don't have snow here, we do have freezing temps overnight.

A week ago, it rained during the night and then promptly froze. I had a heck of a time getting my car door open as the lock was frozen. It took about 10 minutes or so to even get the door opened. Then I had to start the car and put the heater on full blast. I put water on the windshield to melt the frost as well as all the windows. It is a good thing that I am a person that hates to be late to work so I normally arrive about 30 minutes before time to start.
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We hit 65 today. Hard to believe that last weekend it was below zero.
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Yesterday it was 49 here.
The rest of the week it's supposed to be between 30 and 40 degrees! WHEW! heat wave!!!
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And here I thought only Texas had crazy weather!
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