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Saturday!! What are Your Plans?

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Morning All!!!

Very mild here this morning which is great, the weather has been so crazy the last few days this is a nice change.

Meeting my sister in a bit to do some shopping. Not really planning on buying anything special but you never know what I might fine.

A little on the tired side this morning, my hands were quite achy most of the night so my sleep was pretty restless. Oh well I can always have a bit of a nap when I get home later.

The kitties are window watching this morning. The feeder war is still going on between the blue jays and the black squirrels so they are watching that right now.

Everyone have a great day
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Good morning

The weather is supposed to be in the 60s here today, so it wont be as cold as it was yesterday! (Upper 40s). Rob and my dad are going to put our car back together - the water pump was leaking horribly. Unfortunately its a huge pain to do - they had to take off the timing belt to change it, then order a tensioner which no parts stores had in stock, but one received one this morning after ordering it.

I might go out to some stores and catch some more after-Xmas weekend sales. Yesterday we went shopping and got some things too.

Other than that, pretty much just relax and enjoy another day off work
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We're in Vermont for the weekend. We got here yesterday evening and had a fantastic dinner of turkey with all the helpings. Yummm We did Christmas with my fiance's parents and sisters and nieces and nephew. We all got some great things. We did the stockings with his sisters and their husbands when the kids went to bed. There were some great things.

Today, we're having a birthday party for his niece who turned 4 on the 20th. She's so excited because she's having a My Little Pony cake. Other than that, just relaxing and playing with the kids.

Have a good day everyone!
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We have one more xmas to go to today. I of course caught DH cold, and feel like poo...The weather went really mild so my health issues are nailing me big time Delightful day indeed.
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Rainy and foggy here. I honestly would prefer it just stayed cold enough all winter that the snow stayed, instead of this up and down weather that just seems to make people sick.
I had a reasonable day of shopping yesterday, so today I'm on the computer mostly. I got a new hard drive to play with!
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The snow and ice outside are finally starting to melt. It's 44F (compared to the mid 20's to low 30's it has been for over a week now), and maybe the buses will take their chains off thier tires soon. It's really jarring to ride the bus when they're using chains and are on a section of road that's cleared.

I'll be heading downtown today (on the bus), to look at a couple of apartment buildings. One I don't think I can afford, but want to look anyway. The other is in my dream neighborhood, but is income-restricted like where i currently live. Their rents are decent. I like them a lot! I have some questions for them, which their website doesn't cover. After that, I'll hit REI (outdoors outfitters) and hope they have the same tall rain boots they have on the website. If not, then Payless Shoe Source has a pair of all-weather boots...

So, apartment hunting and boot shopping is in order. And if I can remember to bring my digital camera, I'll take some shots today as well.

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slept like a baby, going to DC tonight to celebrate xmas with all my friends there, its nice weather so the drive will be fine.
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Mom, my sister, niece and me are going for a late seafood lunch and then we'll probably take a walk along the beach. Tomorrow we're going to see MARLEY&ME!
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I am bringing one of my foster kittens to her new owner today!
I know someone who owns a pet store in the city and she saw my kitten photos and contacted me... She was looking for a 'store cat'. This kitten will be totally spoiled as she said the kitty can have anything in the store she wants. She'll also be getting the best food because she only sells good food brands in the store like Orijen, Innova, Merrick etc... She will go home with her at night.
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Deliver a Christmas meal this morning, have lunch with hub and his family, then we deliver a small meal at 4 pm.....those WERE my!

As it is, I delivered the Christmas meal, we had lunch, but hub conked out in the middle of dessert, so I wound up taking him home, while I take care of the small meal. I think I may take the gift card that my mom gave me and go shopping after I drop it......
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Well it's currently 11.24AM here and I gave myself until 11.30AM on the computer so after that I will go and have a shower and get ready to go out

I've just been playing with Fluffy today and surfing the net while Kieran watches a movie. Going to go shopping now, got a few gift vouchers to spend.
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It is sunday arvo here and I have done absolutely nothing - I think I have some kind of bug that has made me feel odd, not quite myself. Jake said he felt the same the other day. I do have a niece and nephew with bad colds at the moment so that could be the start of a bad cold.

I think I will make pikelets soon.
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Today, my half sisters and stepmother came over so we could do our Christmas celebration. It's the 2nd year without my father (he died April 2007). It was very weird at the breakfast table with the 6th chair empty We had a great little brunch that my husband made (homemade waffles, turkey bacon, eggs with all sorts of juices and coffee). We exchanged gifts and then my stepmother and my 21 year old sister went home. The 12 year old is spending the weekend with us. We headed out to go shopping and went to one store and it started pouring, so we decided to head back home. We basically lounged around the house for the rest of the day.
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